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How do you sort your dvds?

Asked by filmfann (50087points) April 10th, 2016

Alphabetically? According to genre? Just thrown in a pile?

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Scattered around the DVD player.

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Pile.. I just ripped the ones I have and stick them in Plex. I’m moving again in about a month and that reminds me that I should toss them next to the dumpster instead of lugging another box around.

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Standing in a DVD cabinet. lol Next to the bedroom tv.

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1) Pile or top-level scatter of ones I might want to watch soon.
2) Pile off to the side of ones I might want to watch at some point.
3) Pile of ones I’m not sure if I will ever watch, or give away.
4) Shelf of good ones I am keeping but not about to watch.
5) There might be some in a box in storage.
6) Ones in box for Goodwill donation.

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I have around 1700 dvds. If I didn’t use a system, I would be screwed.
Most are alphabetical. Some are in genre sections, like Sword and Sorcery (Hobbits, GOT, Star Wars, Jason and the Argonauts), Baseball (Field of Dreams, Eight MenOut, etc), gangster, Asian Cinema, children’s movies, etc.
I am considering starting a section of Submarine movies. I have at least 10, but I am not sure if that’s enough to justify its own section.

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What is a DVD?

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Alphabetically, in cute, little, wicker boxes with no tops. The boxes fit perfectly in a bookcase.

Have I ever mentioned that I’m both a Virgo and a CPA? You should see my perfect socks drawer!

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@filmfann :: Time to buy a lot of hard drives and get that stuff on your computer. Here is how I use Plex to play a movie on my ATV4.

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Poorly. I should do a better job.

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Categorically, which isn’t necessarily by genre.

I mean, “mindfuck” isn’t really a genre, per se.

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I have a small sticker on each DVD on which I’ve written a number (1,2,3, etc.). The DVDs are ordered by number in four slide-out racks inside my component cabinet. To find a particular title, I refer to an alphabetized printout that list each DVD title and its number. Really easy for me to find what I’m looking for.

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Dewey Decimal DVD

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Sort? They are just put into the cabinet in no particular order.

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I separate movies from television shows and line them up alphabetically within each category. In other words, movies A-Z followed by television shows A-Z.

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I packed them in a big carry bag when i moved house and never unpacked them. They are on top of my bedroom wardrobe, out of sight.

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Right click “sort by”

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^ Win.

Better than my comment sir.

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I have a 3 tier wicker bookcase that I use for my collection of about 100 or so.

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I have one DVD cabinet with feature movies arranged in alphabetical order and another cabinet with TV shows also in alphabetical order.

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