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Why is my volume control not responsive on my computer?

Asked by Nevada83 (825points) April 11th, 2016

When I click on it, the volume slider doesn’t open. HELP!!!

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Reset computer. Try again.

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Check the settings in control panel.

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I’m not going to answer the question you asked, because even if we knew “why it’s not working”, that doesn’t necessarily get it working.

So instead I’m going to imagine that you asked “How can I get the volume controls working on my computer again?” and try to help with that. Fair enough?

1. As @RedDeerGuy1 has noted, the first item on any IT person’s checklist of “how do I fix this issue with my computer?” is “Have you rebooted?” … and the second one is “Let’s reboot right now.”

2. When you say “when I click on it” I’m presuming that you’re talking about some kind of desktop control. Is there a hardware control? Most laptops these days have volume (and mute) buttons built into the hardware somewhere. Do you have those, and do they work?

3. Finally, I can recommend AutoHotKey from, a free program that enables – as the name suggests – hotkey programming that you can do yourself with a minimum of exposure to the software. (Although I will admit that this was not one of the first things I tried to do when I installed it – on all of my computers – and when I did try to set up AHK keystrokes to modify the volume it took me some amount of experimentation to figure the best way for me. If you go there and if you decide to install the program, here are the hotkey commands that I set up, and which have been working for me very well for some time now:

!.:: Send {Volume_Up 1}
!,:: Send {Volume_Down 5}

(It will make more sense when you get there.)

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If none of the above works, reload the driver. You’ll find the audio driver for your specific OS on the net. If your OS is a Microsoft product, be sure to download from Microsoft. If it is a Linux product, get it from a Linux site. should have a safe copy. Download it.

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