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Do You Daydream, Think A Lot, and Live Inside Your Head?

Asked by idream3r (434points) April 11th, 2016

I got this from another thread, it describes my situation perfectly. i did not write this.

I am 26 almost 27 everyone thinks I am 17–19. No girlfriend, dead end job, and living with my parents. I have so much potential and gifts but have wasted a lot of it. Mainly due to my anxiety and depression. I could have been in many relationships but due to my young looks and shyness, it is tough. Just want to know if other people experience this.

Anyone else have a very vivid imagination and rich internal life? It never translates to the outside though. Reading about things, thinking about a lot of things, playing scenes of lots of things in your mind (i.e. idealized version of your life) I live in my head so much that I don’t even know who I am really, what my ‘personality’ is. I guess loner would be it. In front of people, I become this quiet generic nonexistent person who says ‘yeah’ a lot and awkwardly laughs at things instead of speaking. And I continuously punch myself mentally because I can manage to go through an entire interaction with a person just saying ‘yeah’ and laughing it’s messed up.

Even when I’m around people (which I try to avoid), I’m still ‘in my head,’ so to speak, thinking about how I would rather have things be going, playing scenes of what I would like to happen, things I could / could have said that would have been oh so witty but I never do. I just think about it more later, about how I’m throwing my youth away being miserable and lonely.

What really screws me up is this image I what I think life should be like. Movies make everything seem so goddamn easy. People just talk. They just say whatever they’re thinking. It baffles me that some people don’t understand how difficult it is to do just that.

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So what do you want to ask? Whether anyone here daydreams or how to overcome your feeling?

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Most of the time. It is my retreat.

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You are an introvert. Nothing wrong with that at all and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Some of my favourite people are introverted. You arent a misfit. Live your life with introverted confidence. Know that you don’t have to impress anyone but yourself. You are gifted and a gift for anyone who takes the time to get to know you. Welcome to Fluther.

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^^So true. Your only problem is that you live in a world of extroverts and that makes you feel different, even outnumbered. Blow it off. Dig your introversion. You actually think before you speak, unlike Donald Trump. You have more in common with people like Albert Einstein than… well, just pick any extrovert.

You may feel like you are a minority, but you are in one of the most successful minority groups ever. Embrace it. It is a strength, a gift. Introverts don’t do a lot of schmoozing, so they are not aware of each other’s existence, but they are everywhere. You are not alone.

23 of the Most Famous Introverts in HIstory

30 Famous Introverts

16 Successful Introverts

You are also lucky to live in a time when introverts are able to show their gifts like never before. The computer culture has leveled the playing ground. Read the biographies of your favorite introverts and find out how they made it work for them.

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Thanks for the extrapolation, Espiritus_Corvus. I was on my phone on the bus at the time, but felt I really needed to answer. You added so much more important points. Introverts rock, ... just on the inside and quietly.

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Yes I do, I have an active imagination and my mind wanders a lot. I suppose its a good thing, since I’m trying to be an author.

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