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How does America establish fear of Islam?

Asked by dopeguru (1917points) April 11th, 2016

Through what ways? I mean I think its wrong.

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It is done by focusing on the religious beliefs of certain terrorist as the cause of terrorism, rather than focusing on the desire for power.

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Point out that a large amount of terrorism around the world is being committed by groups who claim to be Muslims.

Report in the media that in some Muslim countries girls can’t get educations, women are covered head to toe, women can’t vote, women can’t drive, women can still be killed by their husband’s legally, and women can’t do some sports. The media doesn’t emphasize countries with large Muslim populations that are peaceful and give equality to women, the media focuses on the bad. The Muslim population in America is rather small, so some Americans never interact with Muslims and so their only experience is the bad things they hear.

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State repeatedly at large gatherings that you saw Muslims celebrating on the Jersey Shore as the World Trade Center went down. The statement, and others like it, don’t have to be true. Simply having a lot of money will give the speaker the veracity required to plant the seeds of bigotry in the minds of millions, possibly even incite them to violence. But this can only happen in a society that reveres wealth beyond anything else—a fundamentally corrupt society.

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It doesn’t take much. A certain percentage of the population has a built-in readiness to believe that there’s some menacing Other out there trying to ruin their lives, and it’s a pretty simple matter to paint this or that group as this Other. You just have to use language that emphasizes difference: They are not like us. They do not share our values. And you speak of them in collective terms, as an impersonal horde rather than as human beings. And you say all of this with narrowed eyes, a grim set to the mouth, and the cautionary growl of a hell-fire preacher.

This same method can and has been used to stir up fear of pretty much any group.

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The fear of Islam is mostly based on ignorance. Muslims also fear us, probably with more cause.

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It’s not fear.

It’s legitimate and rational concern.

But hey, if we call it fear then we can attach other buzzwords like “ignorance”, prejudice” and the like.

This way it reflects badly on those that don’t share your opinion regarding the subject, therefore casting yourself in a more favorable light.

Problem solved. Who’s for cocktails?

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