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What should I do on my 30th bday?

Asked by dopeguru (1917points) April 12th, 2016

Almost there and undecided.

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For my 50th, I rode in a helicopter over a live lava field. It was fabulous! I recommend it.

There’s always “wine, women, and song.”

Take a trip.

Hire a band for a night.

Have a banquet for the homeless in your city/town.

Go skydiving.

Stay home and drink tea.

Visit North Korea, and do something illegal like breathe, and wait to see what happens.

Pay for a fireworks display.

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Don’t have sex with someone that doesn’t care for you.

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Blackjack and hookers

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Spend it with your parents.

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Do something you love, enjoy it with your best friend(s) and/or s/o if you have one, and be grateful you have lived 10,808 days. My 30th was so long ago I do not remember what I did but I do recall on my 50th waking up with my s/o and saying, “Can you believe you slept with a 50 year old last night?”

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How close are you?
When you’re 2 weeks away, make a list of 14 things you’d love to do on your birthday.
Mark one off each day.
Arrange your birthday off, and that morning when you wake up, take your pick and get to it!

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Just stay away from men and do something for yourself.

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Take the day off.
The night before check into a hotel room that has a jetted hot tub.
Order room service while you are in the Jacuzzi; be sure to include a bottle of your favorite wine and splurge on things you normally would not even consider.
Wrap yourself in one of those luxurious bathrobes when room service arrives and enjoy the meal, wine and whatever other goodies you ordered.
Watch a little tv, maybe a movie that you have wanted to see but not got around too.
Have room service bring you a little nightcap, maybe some brandy or cognac.
Turn down the Air Conditioning and snuggle into the blankets.
Sleep as late as you want, hopefully still in your bathrobe.
Rouse yourself long enough to order breakfast and include a bottle of champagne, then go back to sleep
Get up long enough to let room service in then crawl back between the sheets to enjoy your champagne breakfast.
Go back to sleep.
Get up just in time to make check out.
Go home to the real world again.

You can do this alone or with a partner, your choice.

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