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Why am I becoming more fat but not growing taller in the adulthood, on the molecular level?

Asked by zhu2614 (14points) April 12th, 2016


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Fat growth is from storage of energy potential in fat cells. Height is through growth of bones (legs, spine, arms) which is spurred by human growth hormone that your body ceases producing when you complete puberty.

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But how is that possible? If you use GH, IGF-1, IRS-1 protein, there is still a chance of getting an acromegaly, or not? So it depends on the process of growing taller.

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Well I’m not insinuating anything by asking this but… what is your diet like?

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Your bones fuse when puberty stops.

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Too much crap in your diet, not enough protein.

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Some of us are just short, bro. That’s breaks.

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Once you get to be spherical, you’ll expand equally in all directions.

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