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What are some High Fiber Foods?

Asked by Scrumpulator (564points) July 28th, 2008

I have been in Italy for a month. My poop is not solid, I eat Fruits and Veggies, Breads, and fish for my primary diet. And I eat a salad at least once a day. When I was in the states I had a fiber supplement I ate every day called Psyllium Husk, This stuff was so potent that my poop would be a foot long, solid, and also carrying away the old poop that your colon stores (most people have 30 pounds of poop in them, and it can be gray) I was losing some weight as a result because it also strips fat from your digestive track. I cant find this stuff here. and even though I am eating fresh local grown, organic food all day. I am starting to feel like shit, Yogurt isn’t working like it used to either. You know that Activa stuff… every yogurt has the same thing in it. Activa is just a big joke and cost more. What should I do?

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Is this to much information? can you handle it?

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lol yeah its kinda sick, but I am trying to loose a few pounds myself, maybe I will try this stuff out. But my grandma use to tell me that Prunes would do the trick. Also try fiber bars, I’m sure Italy has those some where. Anything with starch in it I think also. Like corn, or celery. but other than that, I don’t really know for sure either.

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@ LKidKyle Dont use prunes. what ever you do. Psyllium Husk has 71grms Fiber per third cup, oat bran has 5grms per third cup. The Egyptians used it.

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Yeah I was just trying to think of other supplements for you while you were over seas. I just remembered also, one of my buddies has an ebay store and he sells colon cleansers on there for like $14. From what he tells me its just a pill you take and you drink a ton of water with it. But its a pretty wild ride when you wake up the next morning

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Cheerios are high fiber… when my ex would become irregular he’d munch on Cheerios all day and it helped quite a bit.

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Beans have a lot of fiber. lentils, pinto beans, kidney beans. If you could get some bran, like All Bran cereal.

Also, I am assuming you went to a pharmacy to ask about Psyllium Husk?

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whole wheat bread, most cereal (usually the less tasty ones haha), um and pretty much what everyone else said.

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Thanks every one – They don’t sell any of the american cereals here. But beans rock and I can get bran.

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I eat Berber carpeting. It is a great fiber source~!

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Apples are very high in fiber

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Buy some flaxseeds or flax oil, give it a day or two to set in….and continue to put it on everything if you can, even in your smoothies….it will work like a charm and is very economical and try not to eat so much bread. Flax seed is fantastic not only for your constipation problem, but for your heart and overall health as well. Incorporate it daily, the seeds taste peanuty, the flax oil, not so tasty, but works great! Put in your soups, cereal, if you bake your own bread put it in that too, yogurt, etc. Will work like a charm!

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