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Has someone on Fluther made a big stink about leaving only to come back under another name to defend their former alias?

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) July 28th, 2008

I guess it’s not a new occurrence here to threaten to leave because they were done wrong while trying to drag everyone else into it, but has anyone done that and then just made up another name to come to their old name’s defense while pretending to be a completely different person?

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ha, why do “you” know someone who has done this?

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as a matter of fact, I believe I do.

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lol, yeah I wouldn’t put it pass anyone. people are lame. Like OMG my online honor has been attacked, I must defend it at all cost, give me a break

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Its name is Zack. We prefer not to talk about “it,” but it is like the virus of our collective. Every few days a new alias will come about and be a nuisance for a little while, before it is banned. It can’t hurt you, just annoy you. Insult it or ignore it, but do not accept it.

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@Eam: Don’t look now but I think the virus is spreading.

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I know of one that is not Zack currently doing this.

It is a great show of immaturity
and it is really pathetically obvious- even to those of us who do not have access to the IP logs.

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Agreed that there are several recidivists. What a way to get your kicks. As we used to say as kids, “Go out and eat worms.”

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One of my greatest sources of (evil) Fluther amusement.

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What a titillating thread. I have wondered, but did not know for sure.

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I do believe so!

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I don’t really care. Do what you gotta do.

If he/she so desperately wants to belong to the collective, maybe he/she should just admit it. Try being the person you*are* instead of the some persona you have created. I’ve seen something real in everyone here, some just veil it underneath self-inflicted umbra.

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Anyone notice the spate of “I’m so done with this thread” comments lately? I wonder what that’s about. It’s beyond even the Battle of the Sexes questions.

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