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Guys, what hairstyle do you have at the moment?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5489points) April 13th, 2016

My own hair is medium length and center parted. But I’m in the process of allowing it to grow long.

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Long, usually in a ponytail down past my shoulder blades. The ponytail is the most convenient way to wear it, although I sometimes part it in the middle and let it flow over my shoulders.

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Late Life Thin. It’s the, er, latest thing.

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What they called, when I was 12, a “regular boy’s haircut.”

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@zenvelo I think some people refer to that as a Caesar cut. Named after Julius Caesar, based on how he had his hair cut.

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@NerdyKeith No, I part my hair on the left, I don’ t have bangs, nothing like Caesar at all.

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@zenvelo Ah, ok I get ya now.

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Shaved. ¼ inch all around.

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Even all around short cut. I hate having long hair or facial hair. Sometimes I wish i was asian lol.

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