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How many questions in a row can we have with the word "defend" in it?

Asked by janbb (57186points) April 13th, 2016

Note the previous three.

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At least 3, clearly. lol

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@Coloma Four so far actually. :-)

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I am offended this is in general, and not social.

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@zenvelo I will defend to the death your right to be offended. (It actually should be in Meta but then the joke would be lost.)

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Nice going, breaking the streak, Janet. Or should I say; dammit, Janet!? HAHAHAHA!

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Everyone is in a height of pique today and very defensive.

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@Hawaii_Jake Can you defend your thesis?

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@janbb I am above common defense.

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Damn, they moved it to Meta and broke the chain.
Bad luck for all!

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Yep. Banished to the arid dunes of Meta.

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Of course we have a lot of questions with the word depends in them!
Have you looked at the median age around here?

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@janbb, are you against its repeated use or defending it? ;-)

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