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How exactly does a "Creation Museum" meet the qualifications to be defined as a museum?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) April 14th, 2016

Is this not a contradiction of terms? And if not, what exactly makes a creation museum, a museum?

The word museum, is defined as “a building in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored and exhibited.”

I’m not so sure a creation museum meets that criteria. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this issue.


FYI: this is not an attack on Christians, but simply an inquiry to why a creationist exhibition is defined as a museum

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I think it should be called a Theme Park, along the lines of Disney Land.

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In addition to skeletons, including those of vertebrates and dinosaurs, it has a Jewish exhibit, so you’re definitely not making an attack on Christians, but I don’t see how you could question that this is a museum. Here’s what they have about Judaica:

“Scripture is central to the Jewish world, shaping the way in which the religiously observant engage with text and demonstrate reverence through worship. Much like the Christian world, the cultures of faith within Judaism are manifold and vary from one tradition to another. Such nuances are often best understood through the examination of realia, or material culture, along with the behavioral characteristic that make these varying forms of worship distinct.

“This exhibit has been curated to showcase how Jewish material culture, or judaica, is employed in specific rituals within three major groups: Ashkenazi (European), Sepharadi (Spanish and North African) and Mizrahi (Middle Eastern). The aesthetics of the objects in each grouping are the result of the environments and communities from which they originate. Their utility is informed by the regard with which the scriptures are treated. While beautiful, as works of art, these items were created with the intention and purpose of employment through demonstration of faith. They are implements of prayer, grievance, celebration, and remembrance. Though inanimate in nature, they take on breath and life in ritual.”

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Things of interest….. if you think THAT is weird…..

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Basically it’s about freedom of speech. Creationists also claim their line of hokum to be based on scientific methods. Of course they’re going to mimic and exploit any accepted and recognized icon in the society to provide their bogus message some patina of legitimacy.

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It meets the standards of a cultural exhibit. But you can call anything anything you want. Freedom of expression. People will come, or they won’t.

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@stanleybmanly that’s right, freedom of speech. The same freedom that allows crisis pregnancy centers to call themselves “clinics” and disseminate falsehoods to vulnerable women.

In the United States, that is.

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