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If "Life is short," do you prefer to try many new things or stick with one favorite?

Asked by LuckyGuy (38417points) April 14th, 2016

Do you prefer to try many different restaurants or do you always pick the same one you enjoy?
Here’s another example from a real conversation I had.
A: “Life is short, so I like to try many different flavors of ice cream.”
B: “Life is short, so I always order my favorite – vanilla.”

What about you? Do you buy the variety pack or stick with what you know?

(Life is short so ask the question while it is in your mind.)

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Life’s too short to be one thing or another. Have vanilla if you want, try a different flavour for a bit of variety.

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Life is short, so I mix it up. I know I will enjoy coffee ice cream, but at a new place I’ll try the gingersnap lemon ice cream since there is no coffee ice cream tonight.

Yes, I will enjoy the short ribs the waiter recommended last Saturday, but I am intrigued with the halibut grilled with a chili salsa that turned out to be delicious.

So, mix it up when you can! Rely on the old stand-byes when you need to!

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Nowt wrong with variety of choice & mixing things up, but us hoomans are fundamentally creatures of habit too, something comforting in a sense of routine.

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GQ. As my years wane, I am increasingly less interested in trying radically new things such as different beard or haircuts, travel to places beyond my city borders, clothing, romances, etc. HOWEVER…

I still love trying new restaurants and food dishes, buying new electronic gadgets and software programs, discovering new/easier routes to places I frequent in town, developing new friendships (though not so much as when I was younger), and finding new, easier ways of doing old chores. I’m fairly comfortable with the depth and breadth of my life experiences, which have included multiple trips abroad, romances aplenty, high points in my career, writing I’m proud of, presence at several historic events, and more.

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I will always be a learner and seeker of knowledge and while I have always had a risk taking, adventurous personality I too have mellowed dramatically in my middle age. I still love travel adventure but otherwise I prefer to kinda just be bop around and do my thing minus any internal or external pressures. I don’t think in terms of losing my desire to try new things so much as just the fact that most is now a been there, done that gig. haha

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I like many restaurants and many flavours of ice cream, but I do usually stick to those I know I like. I guess that’s “life is short, so eat all the ice cream you like?”

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Life is short so enjoy current moment you’re in…forget about the past because you can’t do anything about it and dont worry too much about the future either . Do what you like to do and be satisfied in what you have.That’s all it takes to be happy and content in life..))

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Life is short, so stick to your vanilla ice cream while adding as many good toppings as possible if you can.

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Try as many flavors as you can. How do you know you have a favorite until you’ve tried them all?

I don’t have a favorite flavor of ice cream, but it ain’t vanilla.

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Rather than a scoop of ice cream?
I’ll have 5 sample spoons from 4 different ice cream flavors. #5 is a repeat of the best-in-4, and my new favorite.

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There is a danger of getting into a comfortable rut and then later regretting it. Sometimes you have to push yourself to take new paths. The journey is the destination. I offer this as advice to myself as well as everyone else, since I tend to prefer the familiar.

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