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You go to the zoo. What is the first animal you want to see?

Asked by nightwolf5 (1937points) April 14th, 2016

For me it’s the elephants.

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I love the Orangutangs and the Tigers. At Taronga, I also love to see the Giraffes. They have the best view in Australia. The Elephants are fun there too – sometimes they have little ones.

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I loved the Taronga zoo. I remember the red pandas there. They were so close! I can’t choose any particular animal. Some I feel bad for because their enclosures are so horrible.

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Giraffes for sure. They are majestic and cute at the same time.

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The one closest to the entrance. But I’m just logical like that.

I always look forward to feeding the giraffes at our local zoo. My kid gets a kick out of it. Some of the primates have been around for so long they interact with the guests, and that’s always fun.

Mostly, I really enjoy visiting the animal nursery. Baby animals are the best.

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A fuck billed twattypuss, they is weird mon

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I’m with @Seek in that I’m not going to skip over any animals in a rush to see a particular one. I’m excited to see whatever is closest to the entrance.

I admit to liking the Penguins. As far as visiting the zoo, it’s usually summer and the penguins have it all: cute, cool, and very active.

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Birds of any sort.

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I went to the Australian zoo where the Irwin family is, and I was amazed at the aligators and crocodiles. I’d never seen them so close before. They also let a huge python ‘go walk about’ in the yard where the public walked. Felt so weird. The Gallopigus tortoises were really amazing because the oldest one there had met Charles Darwin and was an original specimen.

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I was going to mention the reptile house, too, @cazzie.

The St. Louis Zoo is nearest to me and the summers are hot in the Midwest. Traditionally the larger mammals are sedentary (in a 100° pen, duh) during most of the day, while the cooler areas are not only a welcome relief, but are where the activity is. Polar bears, penguins and the reptile house.
Last time I was there there had an exhibit of the critters and creatures of the wetlands. I enjoyed it, because it was new. A lot of the larger animals in the zoo depress me.

The Butterfly House in Chesterfield Missouri is the polar opposite of depressing.

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The PACHYDERMS of course. With one stop beforehand to buy peanuts.

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I can’t stand to go to the zoo. Seeing the animals in captivity breaks my heart. Especially the elephants.

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I love the big cats best. Lions, Tigers, leopards, Ocelots, Snow leopards, Clouded leopards.
The last time I went to the zoo was the Taipei Zoo in Taipei Taiwan in 2010. It is the worlds largest zoo in Asia and a leader in conservation, education and research efforts Super junglely, orchids growing from all the trees and the enclosures were very nice. I saw many Formosan species like Pangolins, Clouded leopards,and other exotic asian species.

I am not a big fan of zoos either but, for conservation efforts they are beneficial. Animals bred and born in captivity don’t know anything otherwise and therefore I do not think they suffer as long as they have adequate space and a well done natural habitat.

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Exotic birds. I love seeing all the colors from parrots and peacocks and the like. Also if they have a section with insects I’m always looking forward to that.

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gorillias for sure

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Polar bears.

The majestic murders from the north. So graceful and scary powerful. Like Donald Trump with better hair and normal sized hands.

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For @cazzie. This wasn’t the first thing I saw, but I’d say this is the fattest crocodile I have ever seen. It was huge. I think they keep it well fed. He was quite close to the fence, so I couldn’t get all of him in the shot.

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