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Do i need to install any kind of antivirus on a macbook?

Asked by 2late2be (2292points) July 28th, 2008

if so, which one is good?

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No. Everything Apple makes is 100% perfectly safe 100% of the time.

Those idiots who developed a free home edition of Avast! for MACs clearly didn’t know that… you can download their application for free just to see what it looks like, y’know… since it will never detect anything ever because MACs are perfect already and programmed in some Space Language that makes it impervious to Earth viruses, but enables it to interface with Alien motherships and take them out of commision as shown in the Historical Documentary “Independence Day” starring Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum.

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but what if i want to download music from limewire? there can be some viruses right?

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…just go download Avast. And for God’s sake, consolidate all of your MAC questions. This is Fluther, not Google.

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@lovelocke – let’s say you download or are given a file that contains a virus…so what happens at the office when you share a virus-ridden file from a Mac with someone at the office who has a PC? sure it’s partially the PC user’s responsibility to have virus protection, but wouldn’t it be nice to make sure you’re not passing around a virus? or would the Mac user say “it’s your own fault—you don’t have a mac”? Oh and why wouldn’t Avast find the virus-ridden file? I think you have it backwards…the Mac wouldn’t detect/be affected by the virus.

also, lovelocke, it’s nice to have questions separated…makes it easier to sort questions and answers…especially if someone uses the search feature.

@2late2be – yes, please do download Avast…since it is free and works pretty well. You will help protect the rest of the population that doesn’t have Macs.

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@cc – The humor seems to be lost on you as well. By now, I think the OP got the clue :)

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