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Why would anyone take advice about parenting and marriage from a man who has never been a parent nor married?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) April 16th, 2016

Pope Francis seems to have a lot of parental and marital advice to offer, all of which is highly outdated in my view. But what experience does he have? He has never been married, probably never had a relationship, never had children etc.

Yet he seems to be offering advice on how to punish children and what sorts of marriages are acceptable. Where is he getting his information from? He has no life experience to base his positions on these issues.


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That’s what the Pope does. He offers guidance, advice and opinions on all kinds of things. Catholics feel he is next to God so they look to him for his opinion. They ask, he answers.

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Do you think all marriage counselors have been married? I doubt that every one of them are or were. A lot of studying, reading, common sense, and real life experience come into play when giving advice.

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Because he channels G O D , I presume. HA LEH LU YA! HA LEH LU YA! Haleluya! Haleluya! Ha le – e – lu ya!


Or maybe because some people are conservative and value tradition and authority and so on and so like to get their information from the church they identify with, trust, etc.

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Yes, why not? Being a parent isn’t a qualification. Someone who has studied will be better able to give an objective answer or advice rather than knowing something only from your point of view. That’s fine but a bit limited.

I can’t speak for the pope but he will have the latest knowledge of the church’s teachings on the matter

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I don’t personally know the pope, but I have been friends with a number of priests who are able to maintain a necessary objectivity when advising parishioners who come to them for advice. Two of them had expanded their educations to include Masters in Social Work with a specialty in Family Counseling.

Objectivity is key.

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Well, I’m just not convinced that they really have much expertise in these areas.

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People take advice from CASACs, many whom have never been addicts.

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@NerdyKeith: I think you are mistaking “personal experience” for “expertise”. The two are not interchangeable.

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Yes, it’s a given that you feel that way. But if you were to be entirely honest you would have to admit some personal enmity and prejudice towards the Pope and the Catholic Church in general. Lots of ministers are counselors for marriage and parenting. His qualifications are valid but because you have such a prejudice against him you don’t accept them. What made Freud qualified as a therapist? By your reckoning, all child psychologists need to be parents or their advice is worthless. And one cannot be a marriage counselor unless one is married. What if a marriage counselor were married and then divorced? Would that then invalidate all his/her previous advice? Should people all get refunds? You do seem to have a blind spot here and your objection seems ad hominem. I fully understand your antipathy towards the church, believe me. But no one is one dimensional, and for all his faults and the faults of the church, they both at the same time have good qualities and qualifications.

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@Jak You make very compelling points there. But my position on the pope being an unsuitable candidate to give parental and parenting advice, also extends upon his particular advice being degrading and outdated.

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His advice seems to work for millions though. I’m not one of them, but everyone is where they are. Ten thousand paths up the mountain, and one person running around the bottom yelling “You’re not going the right way!” I think that I see in you a lot of myself, or how I used to be and am striving towards releasing. So when I see you bashing what you hate rather than promoting what you love I am reminded of what not to do. So you keep right on, because that’s where you are. I will mostly not answer unless I can frame what I have to say disputing your (from my perception) limited POV in a respectful and non accusatory manner. I will continue to benefit from the reminders.
(Your comma after the word “advice” is in error! Remember?)

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@Jak Yes Jak, that error has been corrected. The mods where busy and I had to wait for them to get around to putting it back into editing.

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….I was talking about your comment above my previous one; “But my position on the pope being an unsuitable candidate to give parental and parenting advice, also extends upon his particular….” You see where I mean? I’m not tryna be mean, just showing you where the comma mistake was. No worries.

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No, thats not a problem. I appreciate your input and advice. I’ll try to avoid making that mistake in the future.

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What? He didn’t have a mother or father?? Surely he would have SOME opinion on the subject!

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