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How do I open media files using the same program each time without having to use the "open as" right-click link on windows xp?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) July 28th, 2008

For example, when I try to open a .wmv file, it’ll open with VLC media player. How do I control it so it uses another application each and every time?

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right-click and click on open with and make sure you choose the option that says choose program…at the bottom of the list there should be a check box for always use this program.

what program are you wanting to open the file with instead of VLC? You might be able to set the default application through the application itself. for instance, in Windows Media Player, if you go to Tools and then Options…there is a tab for File Types.

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wonderful, thanks @ccatron!

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Also, if that doesnt work for some reason, right click the program, go to “Properties”. You will see “Opens With” then a program icon, and a button that says “Change” Pick whatever program you want to open that file type, and voila, done deal double clicky.

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