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Is there any way to get monkey ball (iPhone) for free?

Asked by Theotherkid (889points) July 28th, 2008

The reviews say the game isn’t that good, but I’d like to at least try it. Also my iPod is not jailbroken.

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No, that would be stealing.

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I’m sorry. I don’t think you can. Even though the file for Super Monkey Ball for iPhone may be floating around in the net, the apps are encrypted with Apple’s FairPlay DRM so only the person who bought it, could use it.

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You could try to get in with the right people. Maybe that would work.

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You could always ‘borrow’ 10 bucks from a friend with the intention of never paying them back. No stealing here. Just a guilty conscience and a little lying.

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actually the previous posts are slightly incorrect i believe. you can find a friend who has it (super monkey ball). log in to the itunes store on your computer, but under their online ID. then download supermonkey ball and it will ask if u want to re-download because it thinks you already have it (because you are on their ID). hit yes and it will download and install. i believe this works but i havent tested it myself. i read an article about it

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Similarly to waterskier’s suggestions, you could always get a friend to give you the file, on a disc, or USB thingymabob or something. Add this to itunes, it will ask you to authorize the computer, so enter their username/password jobbie, and hurrah, Super Monkey Ball.

Now to find a friend who has it and will give you their username and password.

It works though.

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true. didnt think of that. good addition

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Can you edit the .plist file in the app so that the computer will allow it without another persons password and username?

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I found the Answer! The only problem is that you must jailbreak the iPhone.

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I don’t want to jailbreak my iPod though. As I said before, can you edit the .plist file to trick the computer?

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I just jailbroke my iPod. Definitely not worth the time or hassle. There are next to no apps in it. Hopefully they come out with more soon!

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My friend knows a way to crack an .ipa file. But that involves actually getting someone to get it, give it to you, then you crack it.

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@eambos The point of jailbreaking it is to give you greater control over your iPod/iPhone.
It allows you to remove all the restrictions apple or AT&T may have placed on it, including having it locked to one carrier.
Apps are just one advantage to it.

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—At the time of writing that quip, jailbreaking didn’t do too much. At this date (May 16, 2009), it allows much more. Mine is jailbroken, and will stay jailbroken.

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