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Asked by Lee_27 (348points) July 28th, 2008 from iPhone

Has anyone tried the herb salvia? What effects did it have on you?

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I have heard many things from my friends who’ve tried it. The trip only lasts about 10–15 minutes long, 20 if you’re lucky, but it seems like a long time. I’ve heard from one friend that he got chased under his bed by elves, and I’ve heard from most other people that it didn’t have any affects on them. I’m not sure if this is reliable information, but take from it what you want

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I tried it (5x)... in my opinion, it is not a recreational drug and should only be used with respect by people seeking religious/spiritual visions. The smaller doses we tried made us laugh uncontrollably, it also altered the room we were in so that it seemed there were other people present, like an invisible party. Lower doses are, in my opinion, more fun. At higher doses, it’s pretty scary and that’s what made me decide to never do it again. The trouble is that there is a fine line between “little dose” and “big dose”. I was not intending to take a big dose, but I must have gotten a lot of smoke in.

I took a big hit of it, and then I was gone into a weird dream state. I was totally unaware of reality and also completely unaware that I had even smoked Salvia. It was like I was asleep and dreaming, I had this vision of being on a game show about my life, and my name was on the stage in big letters. This part of the dream was fine and interesting. All of a sudden, the letters started rolling and I started rolling with them. Then I was attached to a letter as it rolled, I could feel the skin of my face pulling away from my skull as I rolled over and over.

It was at this point the trip turned unpleasant. I couldn’t stop rolling with the letters and the feeling of my skin pulling was not pleasant, almost painful. According to my friend, I was laughing, so she thought I was having a good time. I couldn’t control the laughter. As I started to come back to reality, my vision started going back to normal (in the full grip of Salvia, you can have your eyes open and see nothing from the outside world, all that exists is the dream state in your head).

I was lying on the floor and saw my friend kneeling over me. I couldn’t yet make out what she was saying, but I could tell she was trying to comfort me. I had no recollection of having smoked Salvia and I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I started to get scared, and I kept asking her what was wrong with me. She was telling me, “You’re okay. Everything will be fine. Don’t worry.”

However, in my trip state, I became convinced that something serious had happened to me, that I had been in some sort of accident and been physically debilitated. The way my friend was positioned over me reminded me of how one might wake up from a serious accident with their loved ones by their sides, comforting them. I was panicking and scared, yet I couldn’t stop laughing. I kept asking what was wrong with me, what had happened. I really thought I was dying or seriously injured and in danger of dying.

I had two worlds of hell; when I closed my eyes, I was back into the rolling letter world and still attached to the letter, then I would open my eyes and see my friend over me and get really scared. Her attempts at comforting me only freaked me out more.. I kept thinking there was something seriously wrong with me and that’s why she wasn’t telling me what it was.

All of this happened in about a five minute span, though it felt like a lot longer. Gradually, I came back to my senses and was better able to communicate. My friend assured me I was fine, it was just the Salvia, etc. I was able to calm down and reflect on all that had happened, but I have serious reservations about doing it again.

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Is this the salvia that grows tall and leggy, with purple flowers? I have that growing as an ornamental in my backyard! Who knew? Well…obviously you guys ;)

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When I tried it, we smoked 20x. It wasn’t strong enough and did nothing for me. What a waste of money. I am going to try it again sometime only I will get a higher strength.

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@augustlan – The scientific name is Salvia divinorum (Diviner’s Sage). I did a Google image search and here’s what the plants look like:

Incidentally, you can chew the fresh leaves, usually in a quid, for a slower come-on and longer-lasting effects.

“The quid method produces a somewhat shorter duration of effects than the oral infusion. With this approach, one takes fresh leaves, rolls them into one or two ‘cigars’, and then chews them while not swallowing the juice or saliva in one’s mouth. In this manner, the active chemistry of the plant is absorbed via the mucous membranes in the mouth, which is a much more efficient method than absorption via the stomach. When taking the leaves as a quid, the effects tend to last about an hour. The following has been reported as an effective dosing procedure using fresh leaves as a quid:

Ten leaves averaging 3.4–4 inches wide and 9 inches long (and weighing 25–26 grams) have the midribs removed. These are rolled into two ‘cigars’ of five leaves each. Laying in quiet darkness, the first cigar is placed in the mouth and held there, chewing it slowly with my front teeth. I do not swallow at all. After about 10 minutes I spit this out into a bowl, and start chewing the second cigar. Effects usually commence within about 5 minutes after beginning to chew the second cigar. I spit this cigar out after a 10 minute chew. The experience lasts about 45–60 minutes (from start to finish).” (Aardvark 1998)

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@Randy – 20x should have been more than sufficient for you to experience something. Perhaps you didn’t get the herb hot enough; Salvia has to vaporize in order to be effective when smoked. For this, you need a blowtorch lighter, rather than the standard lighters people use for cigarettes and such.

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25X was my favorite. We were all camping and did a round. One person after another. We are talking like 15 people. It got pretty insane. Dont do it inside a house. Do it in nature. Dark is better, Camping. Its almost as strong (or stronger) Then DMT.

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@Randy Yeah, 20x did me in for good, you need to smoke it a certain way for you to get the full effects of it. Believe me, it should have worked. And i use regular lighters and they work fine, it’s all in the way you puff it….

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@Alena…yep, that’s the one! Thanks.

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I’m questionable about the 20x I had. I’ve been told that it should have done the job many times. My friend bought it somewhere in her hometown and there were four of us. No one got anything from it. We used a pipe one I hated and a standard lighter. I really don’t think it’s my technique because I’ve smoked many substances before with no problem. Can the herb “go bad”? Maybe it was just shitty quality.

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@Randy – You need a blowtorch lighter, it’s key in smoking Salvia. As I said, the herb has to vaporize for you to get the effect. A standard lighter will not do the trick.

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See, the thing is, I’ve seen it smoked with a bic before and they tripped the hell out. I’ll give it a try because I just want it to work, but I have seen it work with a normal lighter.

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Okay.. I believe you and iceblu. :)

I will say, however, that we did a lot of research on it before we did it and the high heat needed was mentioned a lot. It seems really odd to me that you smoked 20x and got nothing.. I had one big hit of 5x and was knocked on my ass. You also have to hold it in for 30 seconds or so. Good luck!

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You are supposed to hold it as long as possible and it tastes like toxic crap. I tried it recently (30x) and it was very strange, very rubbery and uncontrollable. My friend and I thought the kitchen was caving in and held on to the counter tops for dear life, laughing hysterically…but then it got kind of weird and I couldn’t tell what was real or how to get out of it, not like other drugs where the music or environment or pot can help you though the weird uncomfortable parts. It seemed to go on forever, but was really about 10–15 minutes…Not something I am so eager to do again, but I am glad I experienced it.

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