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How can I fix my Bose CD player?

Asked by janbb (57223points) April 17th, 2016

It skips in fits and starts at the beginning of every CD I play. After a minute or two, it plays the rest just fine. Is there a disc cleaner or something I can buy to stop this. I know the problem is not with the CDs but with the machine since it does it consistently. Thanks.

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The DC transport is likely defective or worn.

The laser is not stable at it’s innermost position, making proper tracking at the disc’s run in point impossible. This is a mechanical issue.

I’d personally start by seeing what Bose themselves would charge to repair, then decide if the charge if the unit is worth repair.

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@SecondHandStoke That sounds exactly right (CDs play from inside to outside, not like LPs).

My first thought was “replace it, CD players are almost free” but I see it’s a Bose, so I think that means music player with built-in speakers. Used ones on eBay easily fetch $150 to $250 US.

If the repair or replacement cost is prohibitive, does it have an AUX input?

You could get a really cheap CD player that also plays MP3s and plug it into the Bose.

Not as sleek as the Bose alone, but it would have the advantage of allowing you to put a boatload of songs on each CD.

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You can certainly try a cleaner disc but it’s not likely to help. best thing would be to get a can of air duster, open up the case and go to town. It’s likely the mechanism that moves the laser around. take a look at the mechanism and see if there is any crud or anything. You could get lucky but I’m 95% sure it’s going to be a lost cause. Bose probably makes a more modern bluetooth enabled one now anyway.

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This one is quite old.

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I’d use the canned air trick. I’d stand it on its side with the slot down and spray the air up into it. Hopefully dust and accumulated junk will fall out.
If not, it cost you less than $5.00 for the air.

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@LuckyGuy What about a dust buster to try to suck it out?

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Id also ask just how necessary is a proper CD player?

Do you have a modern personal computer?

You might rip all your CD’s to Mp3, connect said PC to the Bose and play that way.

Sound will be slightly cleaner as vibration from the Bose’s speakers will not interfere with it’s internal player’s operation.

There’s also the option of connecting your smartphone that can have a more advanced digital player through software upgrades. I used to connect my iPhone to my wife’s audio system using Apple’s AV connector and a phono connector extension cord. This made my iPhone a wired remote that sat on the coffee table. Sound was decent.

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Not prepared to spend that time but thanks for the suggestion. I do have some music on an old IPhone that I can play through the Bose but many of my LPs were burned to CDs by my Ex and I tend to play them in the kitchen.

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