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Should I keep my old iPhone or sell it?

Asked by nayeight (3347points) July 28th, 2008 from iPhone

So I bought the 3G iPhone because it was cheaper and had more memory and was super sexy. I really love it but Im still really attacted to my old iPhone for sentimental reasons. A girl I work with wants to buy my old iPhone for $200 and before I got the 3G one I told her that I would sell her my old one. Now the time has come and I can’t bear to part with it. I don’t need the money, I would just spend it on clothes or something. But I have this feeling that I shouldn’t sell it and should just keep it as a little keepsake, a keepsake I paid $600 for. And in case something should happen to my 3G, I could always go back to my old phone. Am I crazy to be so attached to an inanimate object? I really to love my iPhone and if I sold it, I think I might really regret it but I feel selfish keeping it. Any thoughts?

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I say keep it. You paid $600 for it. The phone served you well. You could use it as decoration or a paper weight.

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I know what you’re feeling nayeight…I went through the same thing, and ended up selling my original. Now reading willbrawn’s response, I’m longing for my good ol’ aluminum backed friend :(

now I’m feeling like a spoiled brat!

Never mind, keep it!!!

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keep it, so when the new newer iphone comes out you can have a physical timeline of the iPhones predecessors.

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Sell it! It’s just a phone. But sell it on eBay, the 2Gs are going for $500+ since the unlocking crowd hasn’t yet cracked the 3G (and you need a contract to buy them) and the 2Gs are unavailable through any Apple store.

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Keep it. Think of the value of it when it becomes a collectable. Like the Newton. O_O

The first generation of an epic Apple product? I smell oodles and doodles of future money.
Might I add that my nose can tell the future.

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I’m using mine as an iPod Touch. My Nano is nearly at the end of it’s battery life, so now I have a backup and longer time without having to charge. It works for everything but the phone, as long as you have a wireless connection around. I use it with our Airport to save battery on my phone when I’m at home as well, since the new one sucks up juice at a faster rate.

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Sell him you can make sombody else happy with you’re old phone!

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You know… Someday people will look back on that phone, and view it as the phone that revolutionized everything. (After the iPhone came out, what phone havn’t you seen with a touch screen?) It’s kind of like the first mac or iPod. Someday it will be worth something!

Maybe you should just put it in a little glass dome and display it on your desk… :-P

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