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What do you mean?

Do I have widgets on my desktop? – No.

How to get widgets on desktop? –

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I have an XBox live widget that tells me when my friends have been on.

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Widgetless in Orlando and lovin’ it.

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Does Milo in his cranky box count?

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you dont have to install that dashit thing. theres an alternative which ivolves typing in the terminal but i cant remember the code. it enables desktop widgets that you can drag right to and from the dashboard. when i find it ill let u know

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knew it

just type

“defaults write devmode YES” without the quotes in the terminal
then type “killall Dock” again without quotes

to get the stuff off the dashboard and onto the desktop, just grab the widget in dashboard by clicking and holding and then press to get out of dashboard then it should stay with you and place it on the desktop. you can also reverse the dragging to get it back into dashboard

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