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How can I find my brother?

Asked by Sandy1090 (15points) April 18th, 2016

My brother moved to Tamworth ,U.K. ,but I can’t find his address

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His name is James Anthony cleghorn

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I suggest you email him or contact him on Facebook and ask him for his address.

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Put up a big sign, or many signs, in the center of Tamworth, U.K.

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I’ll send this to a UK member that is a librarian. Maybe she can find it in a directory for Tamworth.

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Welcome to Fluther.

If anyone can help you find a brother in a foreign country without knowing him personally or being there ourselves, then this one can. (And some of ‘us’ are there, anyway. So there’s that, too.)

Some rhetorical questions here: You don’t have to answer them in public, and it might be better not to, after all. Without disclosing too much personal information about yourself or about him – consider his privacy as well as your own here – it would be helpful to know, for example, whether he’s in Tamworth “the town” (of approximately 76,000 people, according to Wikipedia) or the surrounding district of the same name.

It would help to narrow the search if searchers knew his nationality, so that they’d know to concentrate a search in where _____ expatriates might hang out, since different expat groups congregate around different things. (Not many American expats are going to the local mosque for Friday services, for example. And not many Pakistani expats go to the pub on a Friday evening, either.)

It would be helpful to know who his employer is, or what kind of work he does – assuming he works – because that would tend to limit the parameters of the search.

You might also consider setting up an account on Meetup, setting Tamworth as “your” location, and looking for meetups doing the same things that your brother likes to do.

These are all searches that you can perform yourself, by the way.

Finally, if he’s a chauffeur or butler, then we have a particular member who would probably interview him, because he runs through those folks like a hot knife through butter. Literally, I think.

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Don’t you have his contact number if he’s your real brother? Has he done this on purpose by not telling you where he’s been moving? If that’s the case it is also likely that he isn’t there at all..has he done this before?

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Is this your brother?

Has that name and is in Tamworth. Send him a message via Facebook.

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Well, that seems a possible solution!

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I really think we need more information to help, as @CWOTUS says.
I’m from the UK and not a million miles from Tamworth. Happy to help – pm me if you want

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Wondering where the OP went…...

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I do believe the Salvation Army in the UK do very good work in tracing lost relatives, for a fee.

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Place an ad in the newspaper suggesting that he contact his sister on social media site.
Do not place your personal information as you may receive many unwanted reply’s
Sent a letter to the Editor of that Town ( give your return address to only the Newspaper in case you receive a reply…then when editor calls you he can relay the info ..ex: phone number).

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