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Do you look at the menu online when you’re going out to eat?

Asked by whattodo2 (91points) July 28th, 2008

Or do you like to wait until you arrive and be surprised, or at least “in the moment?”

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When dining out alone, I’m pretty adventurous, however, with my wife I really have to check the menu before hand; also with large groups if I’m coordinating a get together I’ll check online first.

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sometimes I will to see how prices are if I’m not familiar with them.

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Like poof said, if the restaurant is something that I am unfamiliar with and it sounds like it might be more fancy, I check the menu online for price range. But the truth is MOST fancy restaurants don’t even post their prices online which is evil. And so I end up in situations where I go to places like TheMeltingPot, where I went recently and had to pay way more than any college student should pay for fondue…

In general though, I don’t need to see the menu to see what’s “on” there, I can always find something to eat in the menu so I guess I would rather be surprised as you put it.

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I look online for new restaurants.

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I do for a few reasons:

1. If I’ve never been there. I have allergies and sometimes it’s easier to call ahead with my questions.

2. If I want to see what the specials are.

3. If I’m trying to decide between several places.

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I do when I’m travelling and know ahead of time where we will be going. I like to check out the selection and prices first.

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