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Do you count having a layover in a different country as being in that country?

Asked by Misspegasister28 (2098points) April 19th, 2016

Like, I’ve been to Brussels and Paris but only for layovers, do you count that as actually being in Belgium and France?

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I would word it basically just as you did. I was in Paris only for a layover. Or, I’ve been to the Paris airport, but never spent time in Paris. The airport is it’s own “island” basically. I’ve been to many airports, and not spent time in the actual city.

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My rule of thumb is – was I outside the airport?

If yes, i was in the country (or state). If no, I wasn’t.

For the longest time I couldn’t count Nevada on my list, because all I had done was change planes there. Finally, i went into Vegas, and stayed for three days. That counted.

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Nope. For those who want to be in the ‘100 Countries” club, you have to have your passport stamped, meaning you have been processed to leave the secure area of the airport.

Thats why I have never “been” to Singapore, despite flying into it four times.

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No lol. You can drive through a state without stopping, but that doesn’t mean you visited it.

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@Blackberry That is a different case and I don’t agree.

While driving from San Francisco to Jackson, Wyoming, I drove through Nevada and parts of Idaho. I certainly count my driving though as having been to those states. I got a sense of the geography and beauty of each state.

Plus I stopped for gas and to take a leak.

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You stepped foot on the land, so yeah. I wouldn’t go telling people I’ve been to that country and experienced it, though.

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Why does it matter? Are you sticking pins in a map?

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No. I spent the night in the Amsterdam airport after the sky suddenly opened up and dumped tons of snow on the ground, cancelling all flights. It was an adventure,but since a foot was not stepped outside of the airport, I don’t count the Netherlands as a country visited. (And I’m a map pin sticker.)

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I agree with @elbanditoroso, if you leave the airport you can say you visited that place. If all you saw was the inside of an airport – no.

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Not unless the layover was long enough to require a hotel room.

@zenvelo You missed out on Singapore, though I have to say that I liked Hong Kong/Kowloon better.

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Nope. Unless you end up overnight away from the airport it doesn’t count. And even then , barely.

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A few hours in the airport only, then no.

Overnight outside of the airport, yes. For the day outside of the airport, I’d say yes, with an explanation.

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@jerv I did get to see Hong Kong a couple times before the British left! I was in Kowloon on New Years day, when everyone was trying to get to the racetrack!

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About like driving through a corner of a state….......yes, I’ve been there but didn’t experience it at all.

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