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Who scares you more Trump or Cruz?

Asked by Rarebear (25159points) April 19th, 2016

Okay, follow up of my last question. Let’s say the Clinton haters vote the Republican nominee into office either actively (by voting Republican) or passively (by a protest vote). Who scares you more? Trump or Cruz? Who would you rather have in office?

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Cruz is way more scary. He has a agenda and it is terrifying. Trump doesn’t care and wants bragging rights.

A can deal with Trump. Cruz is goose-stepping into the American Taliban.

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Cruz is plain vindictive evil. Trump is a buffoon who wouldn’t get anything done.

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Cruz scares me more.

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They both scare the shit out of me, so does clinton and sanders

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Definitely Cruz. Hands down, no contest.

If you really want a complete understanding of his agenda do some research on “Theocratic Dominionism”; also known as “Christian Reconstructionism” His father, Rafael, has preached and taught this for years.

Some people shorten it to Dominionism, but that gets misleading because it’s too general and doesn’t get to the heart of its most dangerous parts.

But in order to understand specifically how dangerous their version of a theocracy can get, you cant just go by what they’re saying (even tho thats pretty scary in and of itself). There is the unsaid (in public) which is scarier still.

Their ideal is to go back to the Mosaic laws and practices. Yup, that would be things like the death penalty for fornication, adultery and homosexuality. Their solution for a disobedient child: stoning.

This is not a new viewpoint. It can be found in the writings of R. Rushdoony and Greg Bahnsen (both deceased) and Gary North (still around but less prominent since the Y2K nonsense discredited his accuracy as a “prophet”) Nonetheless, the other ideas in his writings still are prominent in the basis of this eschatological viewpoint.

This is the agenda which Cruz wants to carry out if given the opportunity. And it truly is akin to a Christian version of the Taliban

The United States was never created to be a Theocracy. It’s a terrible idea. Many of the Christians who think it’s such a great idea are quite unaware of the fact that such a theocracy might not include them if their beliefs don’t line up with the strict Pharasaiccal interpretation of Cruz and his ilk.

It has a scary similarity to the manner in which Jihadists have no compunction about killing fellow Muslims because their beliefs and adherence are not as strict as their own.

Anyhow, don’t take my word for it. Do your own research. Sure Trump is a blowhard with a big ego and mouth to match and could possibly get us in trouble internationally by insulting the wrong country/leader but that’s nothing to the type of damage Cruz could do by turning the USA into his version of a theocracy. THAT is a scary scenario.

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@Buttonstc Oh, I agree with you completely. Cruz is far worse.

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I think what I find most disturbing currently in terms of Trump’s presence in the race is that so much attention is being focused upon him and his absurd rantings.

Meanwhike , Cruz and the full extent of his agenda are flying below the radar (at least as far as the majority of the press is concerned.)

If Trump were not around as a distraction I can’t help but think that more incisive reporters would be doing a laser focus on precisely what kind of President Cruz would be and what his agenda truly is. But most of the news focuses on the blowhard.

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain ”

It’s truly Wizard of Oz time in America at the moment and I hope the press wakes up before it’s too late.

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Couldn’t agree more. Cruz is the True Believer. Fortunately, it looks like he’s going to lose. And then there is Trump. Who knows words. He has good words. He knows lots of words.

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What leads you to conclude that Cruz will lose? I’m curious.

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@Buttonstc Well, he has fewer delegates, and Trump looks like he won most of the delgates in New York (a few may go to Kasich). The only way Cruz can win is if Trump can’t get to 1237 delegates, it goes to a second vote, and Cruz somehow comes out as a consensus candidate—a result I can’t see happening because everybody hates him.

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I have worked for stupid, and I have worked for evil. Neither is desirable, but stupid is easier to control and correct.

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I’m hoping you’re right. But no matter how odious they think he is, I can imagine any number of delegates holding their nose and voting for him anyhow because of the thought of what a train wreck the Republican party would become with Trump in charge.

He’s like a bull in a China shop. And all that a lot of people see is what a disaster that would be.

Meanwhile, Cruz is sailing by because the press is more concerned with garnering ratings by focusing on the clown rather than doing their job and actually investigating Cruz.

I hope you’re right but I wouldn’t be betting the farm on it :)

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And a hearty Amen to that, @filmfann.

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Reconstructionists [Dominionists] also believe that “the Christians” are the “new chosen people of God,” commanded to do what “Adam in Eden and Israel in Canaan failed to do. . .create the society that God requires.” Further, Jews, once the “chosen people,” failed to live up to God’s covenant and therefore are no longer God’s chosen. Christians, of the correct sort, now are.

“According to Gary North, women who have abortions should be publicly executed,”

“Reconstructionist theologian Rev. Ray Sutton, ... claims that the Reconstructed Biblical theocracies would be “happy” places, to which people would flock because “capital punishment is one of the best evangelistic tools of a society.”

From this website

Wow, they are even more warped than I thought. Definitely Christian Taliban.

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Neither of them scare me at all, they just make me laugh, along with Hellary & the plight of the US voter

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@Buttonstc As much as I dislike Cruz for his hypocrisy, dishonesty, using his girls in a horrible commercial, and I do fear he will try to limit the rights of women regarding abortion and some other things, I cannot go as far as you that he will try to turn the country into a theocracy. I do think he leans that way, using his faith as a guide and justification for law making and ruling, but not to the extreme you describe. He isn’t going to jail women who have abortions or close up the mosques and synagogues.

Part of his Christian schtick is to “communicate” with the evangelicals. He is speaking their language in those speeches. Literally, the terminology/jargon that sounds like “home” to them.

He scares me also, mostly because of the religiousity, hypocrisy and “mean girl” tactics. I know using mean girl is not good for my gender, but it describes him to me. I just don’t think it’s the extreme you try to present. He isn’t the Taliban. He also isn’t what America is supposed to be regarding church and state.

Disclaimer:To be clear I am
not saying all evangelicals are like Cruz or follow him blindly.

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Cruz. He’s a Christian Jihadist. I do not want that man anywhere near the codes.

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@JLeslie I agree that he can’t make our country a Christian theocracy. That’s not possible. But what he can do is appoint theocratic-leaning judges.

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@Rarebear I agree with you. I’m just tired of people on one side making the other side sound more crazy than they really are. The truth is enough.

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Cruz is way more effective at political action. He scares me far more then the Donald.

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Trump is a waste of oxygen, but Cruz scares me more – he is evil incarnate.

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You want a true lying and dangerous asshole in office?
He’s just, like, the bestest!

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@msh Fair enough. Why do you say that?

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He is the Governor here in OhiO. The Worst Governor of Ohio. The image he is exuding out there on the campaign trail? Pure bovine excrement.
Let’s see-
– he screwed Planned Parenthood- especially in the areas needing women’s health care and well-being the most.
– he believes it is essential to bust unions. He went after the Nursing/Teaching/Fire/Police Unions.
– he made a deal with New Jersey for them to bring their trash here- to fill up natural underground areas.
– but wait! He didn’t stop there! He was paid $ to allow Pennsylvania to carry it’s filthy toxic fracking water to get put….the same areas with trash. ( oh- he has gone forward with fracking even though those states sending their poisonous waste to OH- Stopped fracking in their states because of the dangers. )
– fracking – which has caused seismologists to disgnose an increase in earthquake activity in the areas he pushed while continuing to work with energy companies to start up and push fracking wherever he could.
Why Johnny even hired groups of people in the eastern portions of the state to research land deeds in order to put in fracking wells on properties Owned by families for generations. Most in what is cosidered the Appalachian Mountain areas of families. You see, they own the land above- but he and his cronies own what is under it.
-he is even still attempting to frack our State and National Parks also.
– he’s a sneaking snide yutz who has scary BIG B contacts. I keep hoping he gets rid of this chior-boy image he is projecting -and starts threatening people and throws the tantrums the way he does here.
He has greatly fooled those whom believe him the balance one in between Cruz and Donald.
Read up on the Missing Gold Coin investments here.
Look up his votes while in Congress, or on important Ohio issues.
He’s the biggest liar on that stage during the R debates.

When one of the Koch Bros (devil’s minions, both) dismisses him faster than the other two R candidates… it’s for several Really Good Reasons.
We all keep hoping to see his head explode on National television. Personally- I believe that if it were to happen- there are plenty of OhiOans from BOTH parties that would do the Merengue naked down High Street and joyously encircle the Statehouse.
This man, if elected, would spread doom.
( I think he’s vying for a possible VP position if his Prez bid falls through.)

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I’m very Sorry for the length-
this man is more poisonous than the fracking water he dumps.

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Just unpacking what you wrote. So basically fracking, union busting, and Planned Parenthood?

(I’m not sure what you mean by the yutz and big B contracts)

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Questionable “business contacts” – starting with his hometown friends.
Nasty man- who, hysterically enough, has sucky table manners, as the Donald points out.
Suh-neek to the enth.
I wish he’d get goaded as to show his true nature- not this pacifist mild-mannered weinie on the campaign trail.
Run away. Fast and far-from him.

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