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Is New York City overrated?

Asked by idream3r (439points) April 19th, 2016

The reason I ask is many of my friends are moving or planning to move out of NYC. They all say there is nothing in NYC anymore. Even random people I strike up conversations with say the same thing. I kind of feel the same way. I am getting sick and tired of this place. Don’t get me wrong, NYC is nice and all but it gets boring. Once I save up enough money I am definitely gone. I will miss NYC, but I want to experience new things and new people. I do not want to live here all my life. Especially in the Bronx. Everyone I know that moved are doing great compared to when they were living here. I am not bashing NYC, I just feel sometimes change is good. What do you guys think?

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The question isn’t really about whether NYC is overrated or or not, is it? It’s about whether it is the right fit for you.

Why not start by making a list of your personal goals? It will provide guidance as to whether or not they can be accomplished where you are. If not, then it is time to seek a new place to live and work.

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New York is wonderful,provided you can afford it.

Otherwise, it can be had to live there. But as people say, the problem with doing a “geographic” is that, wherever you go, you’re there with all your baggage.

So move if there is opportunity elsewhere, or a place where you will enjoy the landscape. But don’t expect a move to fix problems in your life.

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I loved every minute there but yea I wasn’t from there so i wouldnt want to stay there. But i could see the appeal if i was rich.

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I don’t think New York is overrated. It’s a great place. Like any place, we can take what’s there for granted. Where are you thinking of going that’s better? I’m all for making a change, however, I think you have to be going to something rather than just leaving something behind. Have a reason (other than “I’m bored”) for leaving and going to another city. Otherwise I’d say you’ll probably be bored in the new place, with less knowledge about where you are or what’s available to you.

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I lived and taught in Brooklyn for many years but got tired of the crime rate and living surrounded by concrete 24/7.

So, i moved but eventually ended up in another city, Philadelphia. However, this suited me so much better because the country was so easily accessible. I mean, with a 20–40 minute drive in several directions you could end up stepping in cow pies.

In the NY area it’s at least an hour to 1 and ½ before you’re even in the suburbs.

I stayed in Phila. for over 20 years and miss it still. It was the perfect combination of city/suburb/country area for me and had lots of cool ethnic neighborhoods.

I can see why you’d want to get out of the Bronx. Other than the Arthur Ave. Italian stores, overall the Bronx is a pretty depressing place to live.

But do some research and decide what you’d like to surround yourself with and give it a try.

You sound pretty young and that’s as good a time to explore other options as any.

For the record, I don’t think NY is overrated. You can find just about anything in those five Burroughs. Great Ethnic neighbors restaurants and groceries representing anywhere in the world. Terrific cultural events.

But, as mentioned, it all costs money and it is an expensive place to live.

I think that’s why I loved Philly so much. A lot of the same amenities for half the cost.

But just remember, wherever you go, there you are (both positive and negative :)

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It’s so overrated, nobody goes there. It’s too crowded.

Sorry, I could not resist.

But it’s not for everybody. I know people who moved to NYC and would not want to live elsewhere. I know people who tried it for a few years and decided they would be happier elsewhere.

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Think of living there as being like wanting to be a good professional chef or commercial pilot.

The field is crowded with so many others that want it bad. You might find yourself in over your head.

But it’s worth it, if you really, really want to be a New Yorker.

If you go for it you might as well go all the way.

In other words, Manhattan, below 96th.

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You couldn’t pay me to live in NYC. I’ve been there a lot but would not call it home. I would not raise kids in the city.

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Every place gets boring when you live there long term. Every. single. place.

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