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What would be the best ways to get investors to start a media design company?

Asked by loki (162points) July 28th, 2008 from iPhone

I want to start a video production/graphic design company to do commercials and corporate video. I would like to sell a % of the company for startup money.

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Put together your business plan with how the whole thing will work then find investors that are interested in such a idea.

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If you’re looking to start a service-based company, people are going to also want to see samples of your product and a client list. It will be hard for you to differentiate yourself without some sort of hook or new idea or a strong client base or a stellar product. You need to show them that you will make them money, not cost them money.

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DO you have a portfolio? In this case, the investors will be backing your artistic vision. you also need a complete business plan that lays out your market advantage, why you will succeed, your sales plan, and your financials (expenses and revenue projections).

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I do have a pretty deep portfolio from working in this city for 9 years. I just want to turn the word of mouth marketing into a brick and mortar company

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I would suggestion investing some time in learning SEO (Search engine optimization). I currently work for Blue Fountain Media and aside from being a designer, that’s my secondary role and I’ve found it the most effective way of marketing myself. Get a good foundation online so whenever a person searches any relevant keywowrds pertaining to what you want to do, the first thing they see on google, yahoo, live, whatever, is your website. Make sure that your portfolio is everywhere. You should have people blogging about how great you are. A large fan base would easily sway investors into helping you and your startup. If it’s a really good idea, submit yourself to media startup contests in design magazines, etc. Hope that helps.


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Take your portfolio- write up a really deep and detailed business proposal (or find a partner to do that with you/for you), and go get a small business loan. It’s that simple. You might want to make some connections with people who you think could help you in terms of client acquisition and retention as well as personnel. Also be prepared for this to consume your life, because it will.

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