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Can anyone share with me healthy soup recipes?

Asked by nannudavis (1points) April 20th, 2016

Hello guys,

Can anyone provide me with healthy soup recipe for my naughty kids…

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Grab some frozen peas. Put them in a pan, cover with vegetable broth. Bring to a boil and take off the heat as soon as the peas are soft enough to eat. Then, mash them up with a food processor. Add a bit of butter and/or sour cream. The soup is bright green and tastes slightly sweet, which makes it pretty much perfect for kids. For best results, call it “monster slime” or something similar.

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@longgone, I’m not a pea lover, but wow, that sounds good. And easy. I’m gonna try it.

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I use chicken broth, diced cubes of chicken, dice onion, slice carrots, chop celery. The you can add noodles if you like. Salr, pepper, a little bit of thyme.

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@Pachy You might be reassured to know that I love this soup while, at the same hating peas in all other incarnations.

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Pea-wise, @longgone, we’re like two peas in a pod. ;-)

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