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Do any of you hear of the passing of a teacher you had in high school and end up in tears?

Asked by cazzie (24516points) April 20th, 2016

I’ve had a few teachers pass, and the latest one has me in tears. Do you care to share your feelings of teachers passed that have had so much influence on you that you found yourself in tears at news of their passing?

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Not tears. But I have been deeply saddened by life events that happened to old teachers.

My high school class has a facebook page set up for our last reunion, and since then it has been an opportunity to, among other things, share about friends and teachers and parents passing. The drama teacher died earlier this year, and those who had been involved in drama were very upset, as you seem to be @cazzie.

I learned that the math teacher I had for two years of advanced math was stricken with Alzheimer’s.. That was very upsetting, since he had been a mentor and also was so sharp in being able to communicate complex math problems and solutions. He was the one teacher I went back to visit after college, one of teh few teachers I’d had that made one feel that he wanted you to succeed.

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I just heard that my first Algebra teacher passed away. He was a really special teacher, trying to teach in a school that thought more money spent on the football team was more important than giving extra help to kids learning math and science. He survived polio as a small child and walked with a limp. He had a booming voice, but never raised it in anger. He was a really special person.

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I wish I could say so, but no. I hated high school and I didn’t have any memorable teachers that I enjoyed.

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^^^^ Me either.

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While I don’t like hearing of anybody passing away, especially at a younger age, I’ve never developed an emotional relationship with any teacher, ever, so no I never have, nor ever will, tear up at the news of their passing.

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My high school art teacher passed away three weeks ago. It was sudden, and very sad, but I didn’t cry. I was kind of numb from everything happening with the dog at the time.

He was a great teacher and an all around good dude. Goodbye, Mr. Verge.

Now, when my history teacher (who I’m friends with on Facebook) passes, that might just break me. He did more for me in my teenage years than anyone in my family.

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Would never cry over them, the few good ones i’d be the same as when a celebrity I liked died

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@ucme true, but if the butler happens to pass, now THAT would be worth crying over!

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Nah, just ring the agency & send another over, it’s that cold

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My first boss passed away a few years ago, and I wound up in tears. Does that count?

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I have had teachers I’ve really enjoyed and learned from, teachers that were nice, teachers that were entertaining, and one that I hated. None that I’ve cried over.

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It was a small school and a small town. His daughters were school friends and we keep touch on Facebook. I think I was crying from homesickness and loneliness on top of the news. I had a bad and stressful day yesterday.

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No. I thought every teacher I had in public school was an idiot; I haven’t changed my mind. There are two exceptions….............out of 12 years of school. That is really pitiful. My classmates get together and talk about which teachers they liked. I’m always amazed since I didn’t like any of them.

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