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How can I open up the growth plates again and bring back the metabolism there to peak performance like a child so you can grow up in height?

Asked by zhu2614 (14points) April 21st, 2016

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You can’t.

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You can’t. After a certain age it’s too late. When you are young there are some injections you can take to try to increase height. They typically add a few inches.

There also is surgery where you basically are breaking your legs and letting bone grow together longer. That you probably can do at a later age I’m not sure? I don’t know enough about it.

See a specialist/doctor for your options.

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There is a substance called Human Growth Hormone that is used with some success in extreme cases of structural underdevelopment. However, in most countries HGH is highly controlled and very expensive. The main adverse effect, if not used properly, is brain tumors.

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^^I thought HGH has to be used before the growth plates are closed? I’m no expert, I could be wrong.

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Not possible without damaging your health.

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