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Are there others out there that, when tax time rolls around again, look at the obituaries and think "Lucky bastards"?

Asked by rojo (24159points) April 21st, 2016

Besides me I mean.

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Uh, no. Never crossed my mind….

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^^ lucky bastard ^^

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They might luck out and not file that year but often their estate ends up paying the taxes anyway.

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I can’t say I feel that way, but you’re not alone. The Wall Street Journal is right there with you.

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Nope my life and health are far more valuable to me than my money.

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WTF? Why would I rather be dead than pay taxes?

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I just do the math on the dates in the obituaries that I do read and think, “Yes! I beat that one!” or “I’ve got to hang on a bit longer to beat that.”

So… Prince, eh? I beat that one!

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