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In your opinion, who is the greatest musical performer that's alive today?

Asked by jca (36043points) April 22nd, 2016

It can be a musical performer who is part of a group or solo, or was in a group and is now solo (for example Sting). It can be based on their live performances, on their albums, on their songs, their ability to play an instrument or on anything you want to base it on. It could be a vocalist or someone who plays a musical instrument or someone who does both.

I’m asking this because today on the radio, they said that Justin Bieber tweeted yesterday that after the death of Prince he’s now the greatest performer alive. They said he quickly deleted the tweet. The guys on the radio were talking about how ludicrous it is that Justin Bieber thought for a minute that he’s now the greatest performer. Thad led me to this question.

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It cannot be really answered since the art of music and performance are subjective. Technical ability around a particular instrument is a major factor too. I suspect this person is unknown and not famous.

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I think Lady Gaga would be in the running.

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So you are basically asking who our favorite band is. That is simple
Fifteens’s drummer is a monster.

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Chris Cornell.

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@johnpowell: I’m asking about single performer, not band.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me: I’m asking for people’s opinions. Your favorite solo artist based on any factor that you’d like, as I stated in the details. Based on a song, based on instrument they play including being a vocalist, based on live performance, based on the way they make you feel when you listen to them, based on anything you’d like, since it’s your opinion.

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Paul Simon. Seeing him a few years was a musical performance unlike any other I have seen.

Based on his recordings, I was going to say Van Morrison. But he is not great at shows, I saw him once when the show was over after one hour and fifteen minutes, no encore.

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Performer? Probably Elton John or Bruce Springsteen. Both are dynamic, and usually play over 3 hours.

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No name jumps to the front of my mind.

For one measure, I looked at Wikipedia’s list of highest grossing tours.

Here are the ones from the 2010s.

01 U2
02 Roger Waters
03 AC/DC
04 Bruce Springsteen
05 Madonna
06 One Direction
07 Paul McCartney
08 Bon Jovi
09 Eagles
10 Taylor Swift
11 Justin Timberlake
12 Beyoncé
13 Lady Gaga
14 Take That
15 Metallica
16 Justin Bieber
17 One Direction
18 Katy Perry
19 Bon Jovi
20 Eagles

I find it kind of sad that so many are acts from the 1970s (and I started buying music in the 70s).

Bruce Springsteen is the only one I think is renowned primarily for his showmanship. But what do I know, I only like classical and jazz concerts.

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The fact that Justine considers herself a musician made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

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There are so many musical artists that I think deserve to at least be in the running for the title of “all time greatest” but, for me, Barbra Streisand’s voice alone makes her the winner.

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If I must choose one then it’ll be Dave Koz. Jazz has been an important part of entertainment in my life.

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I don’t know much about opera.

But I liked this radio story on tenor Javier Camarena.

Three singers have been allowed encores at the Metropolitan Opera in New York since 1942, and Camarena is one.

He sang the aria, and the audience went bananas so he had to repeat it.

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Angus Young is like a machine on lead guitar.
Slash is possessed.
Axl Rose is a legend.
Eminem’s first couple albums are untouchable.
Rhianna is so good it’s crazy.
Adele is powerful.
Adam Levine is a star.
Shakira is hot and mesmerizing.
I saw Kerry Underwood do a cover of Guns and Rose’s Paradise City once and it was amazing, she seems like she could literally do anything she wanted to.
Kelly Clarkson is absolutely the real deal vocally.
I second Chris Cornell, Steven Tyler, Eddie Vedder, Brian Johnson, Robert Plant etc.
I can’t list just one because there’s so many and they’re all so different.

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Well, my favourite band is Twenty One Pilots.
So either Tyler Joseph or Josh Dun probably. Josh on his drums is incredible, and Tyler singing is… also incredible.
I’m obsessed with them, sorry.

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