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What's your favorite crayon?

Asked by poofandmook (17277points) July 28th, 2008
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Purple tastes the best.

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I like the pack with the skin tones of the world, I wouldnt pick a favorite because that would be racist.

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Blue green.

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Sparkle pink.

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Purple all the way to the end, and black of course!

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A brand new one!

There is nothing better than a brand new box of crayons, which is probably why I have more crayons than I think I could ever use and will probably purchase a few new ones with the back to school specials starting. YAY!

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green any shade!

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White crayon rocks

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Gold, Silver, and Copper, plus any of the fluorescents.
—I know the question was singular, but I can’t live in a one-color world, one Crayola just doesn’t cut it ;^}.

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I hate them all because they always break when I used to color. I just hate coloring with broken colors…so I use markers.

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@gooch: Were you a violent artist? How hard did you color?? LOL

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No I was not violent but pressed hard because I like deep bright colors. Though I was not a conformist I always went out of the lines when I colored.

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@gooch: I wasn’t trying to be negative, I just thought it was hysterical that you broke crayons. Mainly because I thought of this:

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@poof- That is my favorite picture IN THE WORLD!!!

I like all of them as well. If you put to much of your favorite color in the picture, it seems sucky because nothing really stands out. You see the color and not the picture.

On that note, I hate the little 12 packs. What are you supposed to color with 12 crayons? I need both orange/red and red/orange!

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Now that I think about it some more, any color is fine, as long as they’re not Rose Art Crayons… those things are cruddy.

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@rob- Those do suck! Just the thought of those shitty color sticks (I don’t call those crayons) angers me for some reason.

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@rob: exactly! Rose-art crayons are like trying to color with chunks of candle or something.

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The un-broken one….

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Atomic Tangerine!

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burnt umber

My local Starbucks is having a back to school supplies drive for a local elementary school and I purchased 10 big boxes of crayons today – first time in a long time and they are SO much better than I remembered. I ended up donating nine and as we speak I’m testing out the contents of box number 10. Crazy timing on this question

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I have a secret stash of them in my son’s room. Including a collector’s tin from years ago. My favorite were CrayPas, though, they blended so nicely. Pink vs Black was uberbatman.

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@basebalnut I almost answered burnt umber. It was too mean to make us pick only one!

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@ poof I knew you were just kidding I saw your LOL. I guess that could have been me when mine broke.

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green taste better!

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When I was little I LOVED the copper one. I loved the color the sparkle, the touch, the smell. Now that I am older. I want my 48 pack or more and have a different color favorite with different subjects, moods, days etc. Have I become more discerning or more scattered… Hummmm

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