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How do I sanitize my kitchen sponge?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) July 28th, 2008

How do you disinfect your sponge?

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Wet it, wring it out, put it in an unsealed plastic bag, and microwave it for a couple of minutes.

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Cautions: “Editor’s Note: The University of Florida Researchers recommends making sure the sponge is very wet and microwave it for 2 minutes. Never walk away from the microwave during this time, just in case of a fire.”

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I only microwave it for 35 seconds wet.

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be careful though. Even after 30 seconds, the sponge will be scalding

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Buy a new one.

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@Lightly: Sponges should be sanitized before every use. The transferrence of germs just in between single uses is sort of horrifying.

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You can also wash it in your dishwasher.

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Set it on fire? I really wouldn’t suggest sanitizing a sponge, you should just get another one. My girlfriend is a clean freak and she yells at me when I try to sanitize my sponges.

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vinegar and water after every time u use it, and get a new one every 2/3 weeks (depends on how many times u used it)

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can it. Sponges are cheap and harbor all sorts of bacteria. Microwaving it works, but you have to do it after every use of the sponge. Unless you are using it for general cleaning and not for washing stuff that you will consume or consume from I guess they are safe.

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Dishwasher or washing machine. But I also replace very frequently.

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What’s wrong with spraying it with something like Greenworks?

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what is with this germophobia? Sponges are meant to be used for a while then disgarded. Who gets sick after using a sponge for a week or two? I may get into this microwave thing, but only after the sponge starts smelling funky but still looks good. My dad still washes them in the the washer with other nonessentials.

I am sure we all agree that sponges should be downgraded in their lifespan. Dishes>counters>bathroom>etc.

Below is an unrecogerable iPhone turd:

washer with other monessentials

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above are multiple unrecoverable iPhone turds!

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Sponges are cheap. Throw it away! Use another. I don’t use sponges myself. I use dishtowels and wash them after each use.

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“To help keep your “green” cellulose sponge free of nasty bacteria, try to keep it as dry as possible between uses. You can sterilize them by soaking for a few minutes in boiled water, or try a dilute bleach/hydrogen peroxide solution.”

Great article

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At first, I thought this said, “How do I sanitize my kitten?”

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microwave damp sponge for at least 30 seconds.

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DONT BOTHER! if they are not sanitised properly they will still carry bacteria. be very carefull with that microwave wet sponges can get seriously hot! it is just as well to replace them as they are cheap enough, just buy them in packs of three,that makes them even cheaper.

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sponges are still cheap. use then discard. better yet ,dont use them all. your better off buying dishtowels that you can clean and re-use for a long time. you can microwave them too and spend less in the long run. and keep your family safe from mold,mildew,germs and bacteria.

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