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What makes you feel like a kid?

Asked by longgone (17090points) April 23rd, 2016

Question inspired by eating sugary cereal while watching TV.

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Working out is the best way. I come out feeling 20 again. 3 or 4 Vicodin will do it, too. Or HGH. But they have some really, really bad side effects. So, I work out.

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I still have that guilty pleasure of sleeping with teddy bear.

And I read comics. It may not sound so childish but here in my place it is.

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kissing (an older child; it makes me feel like I’m 17)
spaghetti (it was my favorite food as a child, and it’s still in the top ten)
dinghy sailing
walking barefoot in the lawn

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Nothing. Absolutely nothing anymore.

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“Driving a fast car is the closest many of us will come to feeling like athletes again.”

From the Mercedes Benz- McLaren SLR sales website.

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Presents! That and having other real kids around you. The wife to my astonishment and considerable distress abandoned that lucrative job running the IT department at an engineering firm to work 3 days at a Montessori preschool. I mean can you believe THAT??? But 3 days a week she trudges grinning down to the garage with her guitar and 2 ukuleles and sometimes a mandolin. She arrives home in the evening grinning and as silly as her 3–5 year old charges. You see one of the reasons I’m not absolutely sure about the deniability of God is that these jokes keep being played on me. And the ultimate joke any god could play on me is to pair me with a wife who is a 4 year old at heart and to my never ending frustration doesn’t give a shit about money!

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I’ve been reading comics every week since I was twelve. Haven’t missed a week. That’s my go to.

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I allow myself to get unabashedly, genuinely excited about things that pertain to my interests and hobbies. I can easily become a kid at the craft store. “PLEASE can I get the blacklight yarn? PLEASE? It’s greenandyellowandpinkandorangeandpurple and it GLOWS”

“Seriously? Where are you ever going to use it?”

“ALL THE PLACES. I don’t know. We’ll buy a blacklight. It’ll be fuuun. PLEEEASE?”

This conversation was had with myself in my head.

I bought two skeins.

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Playing with dogs. Bike riding.

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Dismembering live frogs.

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I still am a kid

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oh, really

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Swinging on the swings. Walking barefoot in the grass. Laying in the grass and looking up at a clear blue sky. Swimming (really just playing in the water). The summer wind in my hair.

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Playing video games. Been playing Final Fantasy 4 lately on the iPad. Great game.

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There’s still hope @ragingloli

You could simply just tentacle violate @ARE_you_kidding_me ‘s heart.

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Watching sitcoms with my husband.

Watching any TV with my sister.

Eating lasagna or pasta with neat sauce.


Swimming and sitting by the pool.

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Riding in the backseat of a car.

Everything @anniereborn said.
Laying in the grass watching the clouds is as close to a time-shift as I get. If Ray Bradbury were God, I could be to the homeplace in about 20 minutes, fall asleep laying in the grass watching the clouds, and walk out a 9 year old boy again.

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Eating Lunchables and Fruit by the Foot.

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Riding my bike.
Paddling canoes.
Old cars.

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Coming across old toys I had as a child.

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When I play catch, hide and seek, and play doh with my little cousins.

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Doing cannon balls in the pool out back. :)

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Milkweed fluff.
A couple years ago I harvested milkweed seeds, and sending the fluff drifting off on the wind was alike being a kid again. Akin to blowing bubbles but, IMO, a little more magical because all you have to do is liberate the weed.

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I get to be a kid at work. I get to play with lego and dig in the sandbox and go up and down on the seesaw, and make snow men and draw pictures. Sometimes there is glue and glitter. Sometimes we go for walks and hold hands in a long line. When we get to the park, we run around and chase ducks and collect leaves and rocks. I have the best job.

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Hearing the ice cream truck come down the street and wanting this only look for loose change and run out to buy something

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Going to the zoo. Eating ice cream. Playing with my dogs. Goofing around with my husband. Watching kids films.

I went to the zoo yesterday. It was a very rainy day and the animals didn’t want to play with us. The gorilla had its own very special message for us.

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