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How do i know if i have a broken toe?

Asked by brown (2points) July 28th, 2008

my toe hurt

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My brain hurt from this question. So much info to go on…

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Get an x-ray.

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Which toe are we talking about?

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If you can’t bend it, see a doctor.

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An x-ray should be pretty definitive.

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All, it matters very little whether the toe is broken. The treatment is the same, which is to buddy tape it to the next toe over. Take some ibuprofen for the pain, and save yourself a visit to the doctor.

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Even if it’s broken, they can’t do anything but give you pain meds. At least that’s what my hospital said when I broke mine. They taped it to the toe next to it and gave me some pain meds. I did it at work though so at least I didn’t have to pay for it.

Aaaahhhh! Shilolo, you beat me to the punch. (jokingly shakes fist in the air and gives a scowl) ; )

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@ shilolo ,Unless it’s a 5th met fracture. They can be tricky and may need surgical intervention. Buddy taping is not the remedy for this type of break.

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@Scamp. Technically a metatarsal fracture is a broken foot, not toe. So, a fracture of any metatarsal would have a different treatment than toe fractures, namely, a walking cast.

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Thanks shi! This is what I was referring to. People often mistake a fractured 5th met for a broken “pinky toe.” I just didn’t want the asker to let it go if it is this type of fracture.

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@Scamp. You are right. As is typical, this type of medical question is almost impossible to answer without knowing more about the mechanism of injury, which “toe”, associated symptoms, etc.

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I agree. The asker really didn’t give us anything to go on.

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Indeed, “My toe hurt” is not very descriptive.

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