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What should I bring with me for my first time at Burning Man?

Asked by sharonjsmith (2points) July 19th, 2007
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There are so many things to take: practical things, fun things... eye shades for sleeping during daylight hours, water, water, water, salt and electrolyte solution, warm clothes for night time, special items that you want to use to trade and barter or swap, things you want to give away, jokes, books, earplugs, journal. Bring a huge umbrella or linen cloth for shade. Bring a humungous sun hat and Bullfrog 60 sun screen. Bring a headlamp for night time. Make sure you leave good equipment at home. The fine-grained dust and sand will ruin everything (good digital camera=no!). Bring an open mind. Bring all of your food. Bring your friends. Bring your generosity. Have lovely experiences.

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