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What is the best compliment you have received?

Asked by lugerruger (785points) April 28th, 2016

As above.
What is the best compliment you have recieved and who was it from?
My best friend has given me multiple, wonderful compliments. She’s very kind, as you can see in this example from when she forgot my birthday:
I hope you have an awesome day you’re the best fucking piece of shit ever you lil hoe! Luv you!
I love her.

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“You’re really short you know, but I wouldn’t be able to tell, you make up for it in attitude”

“You have hermione like hair” – I took that as a compliment, she meant it as one too.

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I think you could make a difference.

The best and last compliment of my late friend. I’m still trying to prove he was right, no matter how much it costs.

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My boyfriend’s step-grandmother has Alzheimer’s. I’ve met her twice, but for her it was like meeting a new person both times.
She told me I was gorgeous both times I met her. It’s the best compliment I’ve ever received because it felt so sincere.

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My sister texted me a few months ago and simply said “You have lovely feet”

I thought this was odd so I asked for clarification. She was at my apartment a few weeks earlier. And saw me without shoes. She is technically correct. I do have lovely feet.

And this might be shocking.. Weed is legal here.

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My Dad told me twice in the 6 months before he died, “You do everything so well.” That made me really proud.

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@johnpowell Now I want to see your feet. Mine are ugly, btw.

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“Oh Lord of the Manor, your penis is the most handsome I have ever seen”
One of our housemaids felt the need to comment thus while attending to her genital grooming duties, bless, she received a small bonus in her wages that month

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I was a member of a poetry forum back in my school days – eighth or ninth grade, I think. This was 56K internet days. I had written and shared a short poem that described a woman dancing to harp music. I had a reply the following day in which the person stated that he was born blind, and he thanked me for allowing him to see the dance.

I’ve never forgotten that. It really meant a lot to me at the time.

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Oh – I just remembered another one from when I was a young librarian. A little girl, maybe about 6 years old, came in with a few wildflowers for me. She said, “These are for you because you help me find the books.” It was one of my career highs and I still remember her name thirty years later.

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A woman once told me that kissing me was like drinking muddy water.

I felt so honored to be compared to such a legendary master of the blues! ;-p

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One more. In second grade, my teacher told my parents, “She sees the reasons behind the reasons.” I love that one.

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“You’re a good Dad.”

For me, hard to top that one.

Just a couple weeks ago, an old lover commented on one of my facebook posts:

“You’re deliciously weird.” That one has had me smiling a lot.

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The best compliment I ever received came from my husband many years ago. I took an art course in College. I had drawn a picture of one of the other students who had such an interesting face. My husband, skiing one day happened on this individual and instantly recognized him from my drawing! Hubby went up to the man and said “Hello, You are John Brown!” It was of course, and when he came home he said “Guess who I saw on the slope today?” I was so pleased! I might add that I was in my 30s then and so was the other student.

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@johnpowell I, too want to see your feet.

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I had a project where I had to have people describe me in 5 words or short phrases.
An employee of mine said
“Judi is kind, but don’t mistake her kindness for weakness.”
I still see that as the best compliment and the way I want to be seen.

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Lets see, most recent, my housemate told me I am damn funny, that’s one I get a lot, I am a closet comedienne, have a way with words and keen observational skills that I often incorporate into humor. My ex husband told me I was the funniest women he ever knew, of course he was not laughing when I served him with divorce papers. lol
I do house and pet sitting for work and one of my clients is always telling me I am awesome. I have also been told I am in a league of my own, which I take as a compliment.

I have also been told I have a great smile and great legs too, I’ll take it. haha

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Another friend told me that my totally awesome greatness was surpassed only by my humility. ;-o

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“I love your writing.”

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“You have a sick mind.” – my dad

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The aunt of a couple of boys I kind of adopted out of a classroom once gave me a card that read, “Of all the people there are in the world, you have been the one to really make a difference.” She was raising them because their mother had died. They stayed with me and the kids every other weekend.
I still have that note….but I thought we’d lost the boys in 1995 when they were moved to KC and nobody told us…..BUT WE FOUND THEM ABOUT 4 MONTHS AGO thanks to Facebook! They aren’t boys any more.

I also had a woman once tell me I had beautiful eyes. It wasn’t the first time I’d heard it, but not from a woman before so it made an impression on me.

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When i left the company i was working for a long time i was showered with praises by my senior managers and owner himself which felt really good and bad at the same time that i won’t be working with such awesome people again.

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From a co-worker: I can’t imagine an employer who wouldn’t want to hire you seeing the kind of person you are.

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I get complimented a lot on my dancing skills and grace. It’s nice that people notice.

I wish I could brag about people complimenting me a lot lately about my demeanor or kindness. I don’t hear that as much, but it’s what I hope people notice. That has me thinking.

I’ve had more than a few jellies compliment me on being being helpful or understanding even when I don’t agree with someone’s POV. I like that some people notice that. At the same time there have been times jellies think I’m being opinionated and close minded. What can I say. Everything is perspective.

When I have trained people at work they are usually very complimentary of my patience and that they feel they can come to me with questions.

When I moved from the fragrance department to the men’s department (around the corner in the same store) in bloomingdale’s about half my staff teared up when I told them and a few told me how much they valued me as a manager and that they would miss me.

I remember once giving a woman a quarter years ago in an ER waiting room to help buy her toddler some food from a vending machine. She was beside herself thanking me, and went on about how no one she knew would ever do that and how nice I was to offer. I’m glad she appreciated it so much and recognized me for it, but I don’t even think I can count it as a compliment, but in a way it was one I guess.

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I got a great compliment today… from a man…
who asked if I was married before making the compliment.

I won’t repeat the compliment. But I definitely felt complimented.

I hope to not ever see that man again.

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I’ve heard I’m smart, I’m beautiful, I have a great smile, I’m creative, I’m kind, I’m an excellent writer, etc. but the one that I remember is I had a boss (when doing CPS) who told me I’m a good bullshitter (as in small talk). Funny and true.

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I once subbed in a class room that was notoriously difficult, always in some sort of uproar, 30 kids, 27 of them acting up and out at any given time. When the sub office called to see if I was available for that class the first time, they even warned me about them.

I walked in that morning to utter chaos. Imagine the worst you’ve seen on TV – kids standing on desks, chasing each other around the room, yelling, throwing things, a fist fight happening in the corner…..It took a couple of hours, but I got them under control.

They were working quietly, heads down, bent over their papers when the principal walked in, very briskly, with great authority and purpose, ready to help….and stopped dead in her tracks, a look of awed surprise on her face.
She gazed around, then looked at me and murmered, ”...You got ‘em! I don’t know how you did it, but you got ‘em!”

I get a rush even thinking about her reaction to this day.

That was the class I adopted a kid out of—the biggest trouble maker of them all!—and then I met his older brother who was in 6th grade at the time and I adopted him too.

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When my mom told me I am doing a much better job of raising my kids than she ever did.

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@Cruiser Hiya friend!

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@Cruiser You’re looking young and goofy! :-)

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@lugerruger I haven’t read the intervening answers, but I like your original question.

“Nice” or “kind.” Is there anything better than those two adjectives? Beauty fades, fame pales, and wealth dissipates. When people have liked my looks or admired my achievements, I’ve reacted with indifferent neutrality. If someone thinks I’m a decent human being, however, that means so much to me and is more humbling than anything else.

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@Dutchess_III I have been focusing on serious shit in my life. Firing my partner, my mom’s brain cancer, my spring flowers and building a robot that can sort socks and bake brownies at the same time.

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“These brownies are good. You just have to pick the socks out of them.”

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No sox please, we’re brownies!

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I was told: “You’re such an asshole. I smiled and replied: “That’s sweet of you to notice, but I’m already in a relationship.” Silence. Then she replied: “You’re a real class act.” After that we became friends.

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