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What do you think of this anti-LGBT law in Tennessee?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) April 28th, 2016

If it was not bad enough with North Carolina’s transphobic bathroom bill. This is truly disgraceful. The governor of Tennessee has signed a bill allowing psychologists to deny service to LGBT clients.

Do you think this law could be overturned?


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A licensed therapist who denies service to a client for a religious reason is a pretty shitty therapist. One would not be well served going to such a therapist.

Like the bathroom bills in various states, more solutions looking for a problem that doesn’t exist,

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Doesn’t make sense.

Why would a religious psychologist who believes in their heart of hearts that being gay is a sickness that can be overcome with the proper guidance and mindset pass on an opportunity to help someone they view as having such a mental illness. If they love the sinner but hate the sin would they not have a religious obligation to help overcome the satan-inspired gay illness and help them gain entrance into the kingdom?

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That’s the silliest pile of shit I’ve come across in quite a while. Any idiot psychologist stupid enough to openly admit to being a homophobe would find his credentials snatched faster than the wind from a duck’s behind. Doctors aren’t allowed to refuse treatment to ANYONE!

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OTOH why would an LGBT client want to go to a therapist who didn’t want to help? Isn’t it better to know up front?

I’m sure this law is to protect public health. They don’t want any gay germs getting on the furniture and spreading.

I hope the ~ is not necessary, but just in case..~

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I think that

A: any psychiatrist invoking this law would find themselves faced with some ethics charges real quick


B: this law won’t hold up when challenged in court.

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I am not gay, but I would not want to receive counseling from a therapist who discriminated against LGBT people. I would be skeptical of their ability to provide compassionate care or to have empathy for their patients.
If they should be able to legally discriminate, they should also be required to reveal that information.

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This reminds me of the pharmacists who refuse to fill birth control and plan B prescriptions because of personal moral/religious objections to contraception. Some politicians proposed laws (I don’t know if any were ratified) to protect them from being fired over it.

It’s completely asinine. If your personal believes proscribe you from giving people certain medicine, then you have no business being a pharmacist.

Equivalently, if your personal beliefs proscribe you from providing counseling to certain people, then you have no business being a counselor.

This should be obvious, but alas.

Imagine if a practicing Jehovas Witness became a doctor and refused to do blood transfusions on their dying patients because it was forbidden by their religion?

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Wouldn’t that be a violation of Federal law?

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@Dutchess_III I’m not that well versed on the full extent of American federal law. So I have no idea. If it is then thats more reason for this to be overturned.

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@Dutchess_III No, it isn’t a violation of Federal Law. Licensing of health practitioners and behavioral science professionals is done by the States.

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The blueprint to kill these laws in NC and TN lay here and here—only instead of buses, we’re talking bathrooms. The LGBTQ is a national organization. They need to organize an invasion along with their sympathizers and go to NC—like the NAACP did in Alabama in 1955. They need to enlist excellent PR and spokespeople with connections in the media. They need to have a legal strategy. They need to enlist other civil rights activist from other causes. It’s all the same cause.

Each one of them and their friends need to be willing to get on a plane and show up to help their brothers and sisters in N.C. when the time comes. They need to use the bathrooms. They need to be willing to get beaten and arrested by police, if it comes to that. They need to get convicted of unjust laws. Then they need to appeal to higher and higher courts until they win. That’s how its done.

Then they need to do it all over again in Tennessee or anywhere else there are unjust laws for LGBTQ. Hell, the “people” should have a standing civilian army for all the unjust civil rights laws in this country.

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Caitlyn Jenner peed in defiance of restrictive bathroom laws yesterday.

Good going, girl!

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@zenvelo I heard about that haha. Good on her!

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A perfect example of why I am so strongly anti-Republican.

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