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What's your perfect pizza?

Asked by ibstubro (18770points) April 28th, 2016

I’ve lived my life in the rural Midwest, US, so for years my perfect pizza started at one place – Pizza Hut. When I was a kid it was the only pizza chain around and, quite frankly, had better pizza than the locals.

Then there was the pizza explosion. We now have 5 chains available and countless local options.

My favorite pizza today looks little like the pizza of my youth. I still like a relatively thin crust, but today I like a white sauce instead of tomato. Feta cheese is great on a pizza, especially with spinach and ripe olives.

Papa Murphy’s Take-and-Bake takes my prize for best chain pizza. Gourmet Vegetarian!

Just a little on the well done side.

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DeLorenzo’s Tomato Pies in Robbinsville (originally in Trenton on Hudson and Mott). I love the pepperoni, onion and hot pepper pie.

The location in Trenton had no bathroom, you could wait an hour (or more) for a table, and an hour for your pizza. But it was always worth it.

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Genuine Ray’s Neapolitan slices from NYC.

Anything else is pretending.

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A stone-baked Neapolitan style Margherita.

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Best chain pizza: Round table thin crust Hawaiian Delight.

Best slice: Famous Roio’s AKA Famous Ray’s, Greenwich Village

Best deep dish pizza pie: Zachary’s Chicago Pizza, Oakland/Berkeley CA

Best artisanal : Pizza Antica, Lafayette CA

However, remember Chicago Tribune Columnist Bob Greene’s Rule: Never Travel For Food.

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Thin crust, extra red sauce, gourmet veggie, peppers, olives, mushrooms, tomatoes cooked , onions, artichoke hearts, zucchini, AND…sausage!

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In NYC, on a street corner. Plain cheese. But that was a long, long, looooong time ago.

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@Pachy That may very well have been at Famous Ray’s.

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Homemade Lobster with white sauce cooked in my backyard pizza oven.

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Basic ones. Sauce, cheese, maybe pepperoni. NY style or New Haven style are best. My stomach is growling now.

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Just a plain pie from home. But that’s been over 20 years. The closest I’ve had down here was from Precinct Pizza, a restaurant owned by a retired NYPD officer (no, he didn’t know my dad, I asked). I ate there so much I needed to have my gallbladder removed to repair the damage. Haha.

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A deep dish combination from Chicago Connection.

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Deep dish, pineapple and extra cheese!

Or a veggie, with mushrooms, onions and green peppers.

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A hummus pizza. It’s made on naan bread and topped with hummus, a sprinkle of paprika, tomato slices, and feta cheese. Then it gets grilled until the cheese bubbles and turns golden on top.

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Similar to @Dutchess_III Deep dish, Canadian Bacon, Italian sausage, Peppers, Mushrooms, Pineapple with lots of cheese.

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My favourite is from Dominos and I usually do the “create your own”. I have the standard portion of space, extra cheese, sweetcorn (obviously), spinach, mushrooms, and mixed papers. As a side order I always go for the garlic pizza bread.

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I have been to Italy and the pizza I had there was sublime. Much better than anything I have had before or since

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DaVinci’s homemade sausage, green peppers, red onions, and fresh mushrooms.

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@Coloma—no kitchen sink?

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Thanks all! Turned out I asked the question and then was out all day.

@Tropical_Willie can make me a Lobster and white sauce pizza any day!
I’ll have to try @Pied_Pfeffer‘s humus on naan & toppings. Or maybe baba ganoush? The Middle Eastern restaurant i frequent makes them both homemade and they’re delicious. The Indian restaurant makes better naan.
When I was in NYC at age 20 we ate calzone right off Times Square every day, @Pachy. Delicious, cheap, filling and we could eat and keep moving.
Margherita is one of my faves, @Kropotkin.
Funny that @NerdyKeith eats Dominoes in Ireland! lol

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@ibstubro Took a picture of the pizza with a bottle of wine; New Years Eve a couple years ago, Wine store I bought the wine at used it with my approval for their web page. Company that I bought the pizza oven had a contest for food made on the pizza oven; won first place and received a gift certificate for several hundred dollars.

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Yeah, just keep rubbing it in, @Tropical_Willie.

Last night for dinner I had a can of Lobster Bisque bought for $1 at the Dollar Tree, and I bet it was almost the same.
I sent a photo in to Daisy Swing-A-Way can openers and I eagerly await their response.

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Any pizza in south Jersey that makes their own dough! I’m tired of all these chain pizza joints trying to faze out tomato sauce to save money. It’s an important ingredient!
I have to settle for Domino’s . At least they use a lot of sauce.

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While I appreciate knowing that someone appreciates a lot of sauce on pizza, @Aster, I don’t think it’s much of an expense.

As a kid I had an aversion to the mixing of tomato sauce and cheese. I can’t tell you how tickled I was when I had my first pizza with white sauce.

Let’s order in! Domino’s also does a great pizza without tomato.

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Lots of sauce, Ham, mushroom, loads and loads of JalapeƱo’s and no cheese.

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Well, @LBM, you and I have crust and mushrooms in common as a base.
Maybe we should order off the menu? lol

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@ibstubro I hate melted cheese, when I order pizza and ask for no cheese, they don’t seem to understand.

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I have the same problem with “Easy on the sauce!”, @LBM
I love cheese but I’m not overly fond of tomato, and I had a complete aversion to combining the two for years.

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either thin or pan crust,
fresh mushrooms,
red onions,
italian sausage,

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If you drop the sausage, @MollyMcGuire, we’re good for lunch!

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No can do @ibstubro. We like the sausage and sometimes add canadian bacon as well. Come on over, we’ll order a meatless one for you. :)

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