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If you could customize your car horn sound, what would it be?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42438points) April 28th, 2016

Any sound, any voice, any thing at all, what would it be?

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Detroit, 1955.

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The brown note.

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I drive a Nissan pick-up and I would have the horns of a 1960 Oldsmobile. (GA to @Espiritus_Corvus )

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I already did, I changed the horns to Munich Taxi cab horns. Shrill two tone horns originally made by Bosch .

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I would want it to be as recognizable as it could possibly be, as a car horn and nothing else. What possible use would cuteness be when you’re giving what could be life-and-death warning or alarm?

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“Allahu Akbar”

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Just louder. I have a Nissan Versa and the damned horn sounds like a toy.

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No on said anything about “cute” @Jeruba. And not all car horns sound the same.

When I was a teenager, at a drive in with my boyfriend and another couple, something happened to the movie…it froze up or something. Everybody started honking. It was fun. Then, out of nowhere, came the screaming blast of semi truck! We were looking all around, there was no semi in the crowd anywhere! I thought that was way cool at the time.

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