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What are the odds that something will surface (or re-surface) to crater Hillary Clintons run for the Presidency?

Asked by rojo (24159points) April 29th, 2016

And what do you think might be her downfall? Benghazi? Bill? email?

Would it be worthwhile for Sanders to stay engaged as a backup?

Would the Democratic party fall back on Sanders or would it choose a more party oriented candidate to be its Presidential candidate?

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Given the choices in this race, the odds are not good that anything can torpedo Clinton at this point. She’s getting a pass because she is a known quantity, everyone knows what to expect from her based on her history. The alternatives to Clinton, except for Sanders, are unknown quantities to most of the population and therefore nobody can predict what Trump and Cruz will actually do if given the reins of the presidency—and their behavior so far, to many, is seen as erratic and irresponsible. These are not desirable characteristics most people want in a president.

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I’m sure something will come up but it’s hard to predict what will sway the voters. An indictment, maybe? There is so much fertile ground and so many people digging. The timing will dictate whether it is an unrecoverable error or not.

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The odds are about the same as something equally devastating to Trump.

People have been trying to uncover crap on Hillary for years. There have been multiple Republican led Congressional investigations, and none of them have found anything more complicit than she was Sec’t’y of State at the time of Benghazi, and that emails on her approved home server were declared secret ex post facto.

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What could be left? Any gaffe or misstep on the part of Hillary has been siezed upon and blown up as criminal by Fox and its disciples. This strategy has effectively left those seeking reasons to dislike the woman an easy out. Her unprecedented 40 year crime spree apparently continues, with each new revelation a lifebuoy to the faithful on that prayed for indictment. But alas, as each of her monstrous treasons proves harmless smoke, she just chugs along unphased and still adored. The latest in the string of “great white hopes” is the supposed email treason as the right waits breathless for the indictment that never comes. Meanwhile the demon chuckles merrily along as the farce of a clown fest on the right propels her happy behind straight to the oval office.

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Unfortunately, I don’t think anything is likely.

I suppose it’s possible that Heidi Cruz could have access to some of those Goldman Sachs’ transcripts or recordings. But I don’t think Democrats would really even care at this point.

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I think when or if we ever see Trumps tax records we’ll find out he is not that rich. If we get to see them it will probably be sometime after he gets the nomination. Clinton is getting a pass on the email thing, if it was going to happen it would have happened by now. If it does happen It’s likely going to be fines and the media will gloss over it. She’s their golden girl. At this point I don’t care who gets elected. I’ll be sitting this one out.

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And besides, what difference would it make if Hillary’s knocked out of the saddle. At this point Kermit the frog would be a shoe-in against Trump or Cruz.

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If there’s something to be uncovered—and I fear there is—the Republicans or the media will unearth and exploit it to the max.

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@Pachy Haha There is always something.

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It makes you wonder just how dumb do you have to be to respond continually to the cry of “Wolf!” The answer would appear to be “some of the people all of the time”.

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Consider that Fox News’s “Former CIA Operative” consultant who was “the expert” on Benghazi just pled guilty to fraud because he never worked for the CIA!

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^^ That is fucking hilarious. Not only do they not invest in investigative reportage, they don’t even checkout their own employee’s CVs! What a bunch of dorks!

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Sanders is pretty much toast….he has ridden his message as far as it will take him. Hillary’s baggage was factored into the equation before she announced her intention to run for Presidency and because of Sanders soft pedaling on these issues at hand she has had a free pass by the media. Once the general election campaign happens the gloves will come off and having witnessed what Trump has done to eviscerate his GOP challengers, I expect nothing less to befall Hillary. It will not be pretty.

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Very low odds in my opinion.

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Very very low odds in my opinion.

Trump has more baggage than Samsonite, and look at him go!

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^^What’s Trump’s baggage? Bankruptcy (legal) Trump University (I assume legal) crazy temper?

With Hillary they go after her for supposedly doing illegal things.

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There is a lawsuit against Trump University.

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Do they, @JLeslie?
How many investigations have there been, and how many have found her guilty?
I think Hillary has been under investigation for almost all of her time in the national political arena, and to what end?
I dislike Hillary, but let’s have a reality check here.

I guess with Trump you could start with the numerous failed businesses and the billions in bankruptcy money.
Did you know that Trump Sr. turned over the construction business when the government filed against the company for racial discrimination?
Trump University Lawsuit Will Go To Trial
Failed project lands Trump in Florida appeals court
We Investigated, Donald Trump is Named in at Least 169 Federal Lawsuits

I didn’t take the time to check the credibility of each link source. There are dozens more.

Apply the time, energy and finances expended on Whitewater by the federal government.

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Sounds like Trump and Hillary are pretty even.

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Not even close.
25 years of taxpayer funded, politically motivated scrutiny versus decades of playing the court system.

Beginning with the fact that it looks like Trump was given control of his father’s company to avoid a racial discrimination lawsuit that could have ruined it.

How do you figure that being named in 169 active federal lawsuits is “pretty even” with 25 years of near constant government scrutiny and no findings of serious wrongdoing?

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@ibstubro Why would you hold Trump accountable for something his father did?

I’m basically with you about Hillary. I’ve voted for her in two primaries now. I wish it had been her instead of Obama, so I’ve been waiting a long time.

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