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Have you ever used LegalZoom for a Last Will and Testament?

Asked by jca (36043points) April 30th, 2016

I need to do a Last Will and Testament.

I have no terminal illness or anything, but as a parent, it’s something I should have.

I am considering the Will on LegalZoom. Do you know of anyone who has done it, or have you done it, using LegalZoom?

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I have an appointment with an attorney Thursday afternoon to draw a will up for me. I’ll know the costs then, but he’s my cousin. And my other cousin is going to be the beneficiary, so it might not be a great estimate?

He was very concerned that I’m living in a different state from the one he practices in, if that concerns you.

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I used Willwriter back in the late 1990s, after my daughter was born. It was published by Nolo Press, worked a lot like turbo tax where they ask you questions and then present a completed form. Don’t know if it is still around.

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Cudos on the smart decision to get things down on paper and out of the State’s hands without having a will. What I was told by legal friend ( not an estate attny ) was that LZoom is fine if there are not a lot of directives or complications. – I leave everything to my brother Ralph in Des Moines, Iowa, and not too much else. If you wish to designate an executor and how you would like things settled, go to a local Attny, they advised. Reasoning that any Q’s, disputes or individual State laws which might effect your wishes would be more easily handled. Also it gives the executor a back up. I looked up costs on basics on LZ, and a lawyer for comparison also.

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I started to use it many years ago, but I never finished it with them, because I wasn’t sure if it was valid, and what I wanted to do was not very simple directives at the time.

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On LegalZoom, you put in the state you live in, as it’s understood that different states have different legal requirements for wills.

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