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Is the road to hell actually "paved with good intentions"?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17704points) May 1st, 2016

Would it be better if we all took a chill pill and stopped trying so hard to change the world, and each other?

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The World simply is, and, nature being what it is, it is probably beyond our ability to change.
What conceit would lead one to believe that he could or should try to change each other?

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@josie I heard that girlfriends try to change their boyfriends for the better.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Yes, some women (and men) do try. Good luck to them I say, it ain’t gonna work.

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I would say it is more paved with misguided intentions.

Good intentions can be willingness to change oneself, while misguided intentions can be one’s ego thinking it knows what is best for everyone else.

It is a good intention to be of help to others, but not to decide what help they need.

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Sometimes. There is a danger of imposing our standards on others when they are doing just fine, but intervention is called for when people are suffering and are unable or unwilling to help themselves.

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Many women are actually successful at it RDG. It’s not actually a bad thing most of the time either it just depends on if it’s a deliberate attempt or if it happens over time. Mostly it’s just a natural response to being around someone for long periods of time. My wife now has some traits that she picked up from me. She did try to get me to dress a little preppy with pink golf shirts and shit. You can guess how that turned out.

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The road to ruin is usually sold as a good intention and backed by emotion from those who cannot think for themselves but think they do

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Oh holy crap- this is one of my more-favorite sayings.
It can describe self, or other’s misguided attempts to help.
A responce to this was always-
“I would tell you thank you and that I will beat you there to Hell, and be shaking hands before you even take your coat off.”
Thanks for the guffaw. It’s been awhile for this one.

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There are many roads to hell, grasshopper. The Road of Good Intentions is just one of them.

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