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Top Ten Remaining Games of 2008?

Asked by megalongcat (598points) July 28th, 2008

I don’t believe that Fluther lets you post pictures so I’m just going to list the games that I found from this game review blog post:
10 – Dead Space PC, 360, PS3
9 – Far Cry 2 PC, 360, PS3
8 – Mirror’s Edge PC, 360, PS3
7 – Resistance 2 PS3
6 – Gears of War 360
5 – Rock Band 2 PC, 360, PS3, Wii
4 – Spore PC
3 – Little Big Planet PS3
2 – Prince of Persia PC, 360, PS3
1 – Fallout 3 PC, 360, PS3

There were also pretty little descriptions and pictures of each of the games that can be found here if you need a reference. Thoughts, opinions? Anything that you would actually suggest to another to buy?

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I’m really excited about Spore. My husband downloaded a preview of the creator a month or so ago and I had a lot of fun playing around with it. My little guy was pretty cute.

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i’ll be getting fallout spore, gears and probably deadspace too, and ofcourse you forgot to list the best one….mercs 2…

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Spore is the only one I’ll be getting (because it looks great, and it plays natively on my Mac)

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oh, i’ll also be getting starcraft 2, which should be out in december 2008

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where do you get it will be out december 2008?! that would be on the list too for sure

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The games I’m REALLY looking forward to are Rock Band 2, Spore, Mirror’s Edge, and Gears 2.

2008 has already seen an amazing list of great games so far, and the rest of the year looks very promising.

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They forgot Fable 2. =(
I’d say:
1) Gears 2
2) Fable 2
3) Spore
4) Rock Band 2
Screw the rest.

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Seriously? No love for Little Big Planet? I don’t even OWN a PS3 and still want that game (luckily our roommate does)

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Spore looks like it will be really good.

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WoW, Wrath of the Lich King

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@iwamoto are you sure about sc2 coming this december 2008? i doubt.

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i thought it would be, i believe i even read it, but i think the delayed it a bit….damn it !

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