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Kindles and E-book library loans?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (625points) May 2nd, 2016

I am contemplating purchasing a Kindle so I can take notes on the device and access it later. I take analog notes now and I am hoping that this will be a quicker method. I am concerned about library ebook loans. Is it still possible to get the notes on these or do I have to download them before I “return” the ebook?

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I doubt that you could download the notes from a library lent E-book. What might work better for you is to get an iPad, use the Kindle app for borrowing e-books and then take your notes in the Notes app on the iPad. It might be worth stopping by your local library to ask them though; maybe there is a better way you can do it.

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Yes. If I check an e book out from my library, it will link to my Amazon account and I can download it. It has an expiration and will disappear once the expiration date is done.

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Rarebear, is there a way to capture the notes before they disappear?

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Ah. Apologizes. I see that that is your question. I honestly do not know as I have never taken notes on the kindle.

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I takes notes on my reading all the time and have a small dedicated notebook for the purpose. I don’t know about you, but for me that is many times faster than operating a keyboard, and so is retrieval. And I know it’s not going to vaporize when it’s closed or returned or powered off.

I have taken notes on the Kindle, but they are such a pain to access that I never look at them. Even when reading a Kindle book, I take my notes on paper.

I’ve just gone back to an analog calendar, too—a paper one-year planner—after my computer failed and took all my dates and appointments with it.

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Well the library in my home town that has an ebook loan service requires you to use an app that is only available on an android tablet or iPad. But it depends on the library. If the ebooks require a specfc tablet app, you will need a tablet. The kindle fire might be a possible option for you. But he basic kindle? Perhaps not.

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I think going in to your library and asking will be the best bet but as I said at first, I doubt you will be able to write note in the book and then download them prior to “returning.”

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I would absolutely not depend on the Kindle to save your notes.

Save them separately, either on paper as @Jeruba mentions, or find an app.

Evernote is very well-reviewed and popular. You can save notes from your PC or tablet or phone and then access them from any other PC or tablet or phone.

I have not tried this myself, but it looks promising:
How to Save Kindle Highlights and Notes Into Evernote

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Argh. “I takes” should be “I take.”

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