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Have you surprised yourself lately?

Asked by dammitjanetfromvegas (4593points) May 2nd, 2016

I’ve been waiting for Hillary Clinton to become our first female president for almost a decade, but I changed my mind the beginning of this year. I’m now very pro-Bernie.

I remember the exact moment I flipped because it was a very tough decision for me. I can be stubborn, so this change was a surprise for me.

How have you surprised yourself lately?

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I’m surprised that I am more capable than I thought. I signed up for a Visa and got a Paypal account without any aid, something that no one around me has done before.

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Yeah…I sat down at the piano for the first time in 3 years and played the Maple Leaf Rag all the way through. Big time Whoa…

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I have gone all day and have not scratched my stiches on my hand or cheek. Had minor surgery on a mole on my hand and cheek at 1:pm today.

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I’m surprised at how difficult it is for me to live with my inlaws this time around. We did it once before 20 years ago for a few months.

I’m surprised how annoyed and disappointed I am at my husband for not taking advantage of his “time off” after being laid off to enjoy the free time a little. His work ethic is something I value, but at this moment I wish he would give it a rest a little bit. He is about to embark on a job that will probably not give him much freedom for a year or two, maybe more. I’m kind of pissed off that he doesn’t care. I’m surprised how important it is to me that we, as a couple, start enjoying free time more. I don’t mind doing things on my own, but I much prefer if my husband would be in line with me.

I won’t get what I want, I say that in a very general sense, but it is related to what I wrote above. I so rarely know what I want, but when I do, I want it. I’m not going to fully explain, it would take too long, and sounds ungrateful. I’m just frustrated, disappointed, and a little angry, and I’m surprised I’m so full if various emotions regarding it.

The most surprising thing is having to be supportive while not really being happy about how things are going. I think it’s something a lot of married people probably do.

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I’m surprised by how detached I’ve able to be from the Bernie vs. Hillary debates. I deliberately decided I wouldn’t get overly attached to the idea of either one winning the nomination since I know I’ll vote for whomever gets it and it’s working well for me psychologically.

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I’m constantly surprised with how poorly I’m coping with my objectively pretty good life these days, when I used to have a much worse life and cope much more successfully.

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Since it was a labored decision I don’t see how it surprised you.

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Would you like to contribute for once on my questions by actually answering the question @molly?

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