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What comes first the super hero or the super villain?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34514points) July 28th, 2008

Does the presence of super villains spawn the super hero or do super heroes attract super villains?

And if the latter is the case, is it really such a good thing to have a super hero? I mean these places were bad before but surely they didnt have people like the joker or venom terrorizing the civilians. And like the Joker said in Dark Knight “theres no going back, you’ve changed things.” so once a super hero arrives at a city they are forever doomed to be terrorized. Would Metropolis or Gotham have been better off if Clark Kent was just a reporter or Bruce Wayne just a rich playboy?

These is obviously excluding super hero/villains like x-men where its just a predisposed mutation where part of the population is effected and part not.

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Depends on the comic book series you follow. Sometimes the villian arises only after the super hero has proven himself/herself to be a worthy adversary. Other times someone rises to the occasion to battle ‘evil’.

Superman is an example of where evil came after the hero.
Samurai Jack would be an example of where there was always evil/ the villain (Aku).

It’s not a question of whether its good or bad to have a superhero. It’s a question of whether or not someone is going to stand up and not let the villain trounce all over them.

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I forever love you for using Samurai Jack as an example ^_^

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The love is returned because you share the same adoration for the series as I. =D

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I agree with all of that. It all depends. If The Joker hadn’t been in Gotham, he’d have been somewhere else. There is always evil.

Mad props megalongcat!

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So would you want to live in a city with a super hero?

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Depends on the super hero. Metropolis, ummmmm, no. Superman shouldn’t have trouble defeating villains and yet he always does. I don’t need a super hero like that trying to save my ass.

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Right no matter how good the super hero is, it seems theres always casualties of war.

ps superman sucks

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To true, but yet the same applies when there is no super hero as well.

Superman is a BITCH! And nice avatar! I almost forgot good ‘ole Earthworm Jim!

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I think they are forever together, a yin and yang, as in all of life. Light and dark, good and evil. Super heroes and super villains are the same. They are two sides on one coin. Usually both with tragic flaws.

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@Marina yes i understand that, once one is there, the other is and they are forever trapped in that battle. Im just wondering who comes first?

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Ahh, I guess I was being too opaque. I thought my answer implied they were created or existed always together. Sorry.

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Generally, I think villains come first. They provide the reason for heroes to exist. If you take the example into real life, how many freaks do you see and how many heroic vigilanties are there? There are a ton more bad people demanding good people to step up then there are good people driving others bad.
Plus, remember, the Joker is insane.

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It really depends on who reaches the next level of bad ass-ness or heroism. I mean, villains and heroes have always existed. It’s when one turns into being “super” that the corresponding villain or hero has to upgrade or be replaced by some other hero/villain who has that “super.”

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