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How to talk to irresponsible people?

Asked by Android67 (41points) May 4th, 2016

I have friend who said could help me with my sister’s wedding as catering. I emailed and emailed and no reply. I give a text and they say sorry they have been busy (everyone is busy, I think…) and I call them. No answer and didn’t call back, but I see they post on instagram. How to handle this situation? I asked my sister and she says to just hire someone else and not even try to email or call friend anymore, obvious they don’t want to help and are being avoiding.

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@Android67 Seems pretty straight-forward to me. They not only are not interested but they aren’t polite enough to excuse themselves. If that is the case, forget them and move on to some quality caterers. You and your sister deserve a professional treatment.

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The person doesn’t want to do it now. Move on to a professional that won’t ruin your sister’s wedding.

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You do not want to trust them to cater your sis’s big day if they cannot even return a phone call. Find a reliable caterer.

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You should pass it on to someone professional otherwise they could mess up your sis wedding. But don’t forget to express your opinion when you meet them face to face.

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I suggest that you text them that by such and such a date and time if you have not heard from them that you will seek professional assistance.
Tell them tht you had hoped that your friendship was stable enough that he/she could had talked about it.

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You get what you pay for.

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Even if they finally do reply to you, if it were me, I wouldn’t have any confidence that we wouldn’t be left high and dry come wedding day.

Don’t risk it. If they had truly been interested they would have answered promptly.

A wedding day is too important to be ruined by unreliability of any sort.

I agree with everyone else. Find another competent caterer.

If your “friend” finally does contact you, just tell them you’ve already booked someone else since you didn’t hear from them in a timely manner.

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