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Docx to doc?

Asked by sparkky (93points) July 28th, 2008

can you within word 2007 convert to word 2003. It seems odd that I have to pay to convert a 2007 word doc to a regular 2003 docs

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you don’t have to pay, you can just re-save the file in 2003 format. click save as and then choose “save in word 2003” format in the list of options.

here’s a visual

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thank you! what if I already saved it in 2007 format?

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just open the file and re-save it using the same procedure :)

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If you dig through the options there is an area to set the default save to .doc, as well as similar options for other office programs. I find that there is no reason to save in any of the new formats and have set all my office programs to save as if they were 2003.

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